Sniffer Report: Les Garçonnes by Crazylibellule and the Poppies

Crazylibellule and the Poppies, that cult Parisian perfumer famous for their intensely portable CrazySticks, has launched a new collection: Les Garçonnes. Inspired by and dedicated to the early pioneers of the women's movement in the 1920s, each complex fragrance is named after a different important woman (famous or not) from that time period.
Une histoire de liberté...About flaunting, dancing. Accept our preferences. Creation, play, discovery. Taking control of our lives... Extravagant decade, unbelievably rich."
Because they are formulated in the solid perfume CrazyStick, they are free of parabens, alcohol and artificial coloring and are just compact and cute enough to cart around in your day bag. Each scent is as intensely intriguing as it is unique; each is described by the trademark Crazylibellule and the Poppies Les Étoiles Olfactives or Olfactory Stars.

I've been trying out three of the scents for the past few weeks and, I have to say, they are unlike any other perfumes I have ever experienced! In a good way, of course.

Hommage à Gabrielle ($18) was the first scent I tried and, despite being a little skeptical, I actually truly enjoy it. The prominent note of Russian leather, combined with Wooded Incense and Cedar, is definitely not to be missed and lends this perfume a masculinity not usually found in women's fragrances. But the strong masculinity at the beginning is balanced out by more feminine notes of Peony and Indian Jasmine once it makes contact with the skin. It is almost as if it is waiting to actually touch a woman's skin before presenting the more delicate elements. Of all of them, this one I can clearly see fitting the Les Garçonnes persona of a strong woman not afraid to wear pants ahead of her time. It is also a perfume that would work quite well as a unisex product and one I wouldn't hesitate to let my husband or brother borrow.

Tamara Charleston was probably the scent that caused me the most confusion at the beginning because, to be honest, I have no idea what the main components of Green Mandarin, Lisylang and Absinthe, smell like independently. But together along with Freshly Cut Hay, Peach and Gardenia, they create a fragrance that tickles the nose with interest and leaves you coming back again and again, just trying to understand what it is that makes it so provocative. However, once I read the background "story" for the scent, it started to make more sense...
Breathe in the air on the steps of the villa and feel your body quiver once more. Dizzy, a glass of gin on the rocks, drawing on a cigarette before her portrait. Listening to the garden, naked... and the Charleston electrifying the night”
Tamara Charleston definitely captures the spirit of a drunken interlude in the country at dusk. It is full of contradictions: subtle and overt, approachable and aloof, glamorous and earthy. It is shy but impactful and definitely worth a try.

Rose à Saïgon is the final fragrance that I sampled and it is sure to be loved by ladies who prefer a more classically flower-rich scent with a bit of a twist. The story for this one is also amazingly evocative:
Her name was Rose, and she dreamed of other worlds, of the effervescence of the roaring twenties... The moist air of Indochina, a crackly melody on the gramophone, and the spellbinding odor of dreams on her skin.”
The sweetness of the Passion Fruit and Mango, combined with the flowery Rose and Jasmine, is prominent at the beginning, but the smokiness of the Guaiacum Wood and Vetiver provide a slightly tougher and deliciously unusual finish. It evokes the smell of a young woman from a traditional upbringing longing to discover new ways to relate to the world. It suggests beauty and promise just around the next corner.

Although I sampled just three, Les Garçonnes contains seven fragrances in total all with similar mixtures of masculine/feminine on their Olfactory Stars. The wear on these is about average for perfume on my skin, meaning that they were mostly evaporated by mid-day. But, the CrazySticks have the distinct advantage of being small enough to take along for touch ups. In fact, they even make a very chic little "fashion accessory" -- essentially a carrying sling to keep it close by, whether that is around your neck or tied to your bag.

Crazylibellule and the Poppies Les Garçonnes is a beautiful collection with a modern twist on classic scents. The spirit of those early Les Garçonnes lives on in the independent sensibilities of the modern woman and is appropriately celebrated by these carefully crafted perfumes.

Crazylibellule and the Poppies is available for purchase at Sephora, and



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