Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Collection

Herbal Essences was my regular brand of hair products back in my college days. I once had this totally weird temporary roommate who said any number of socially awkward things on a daily basis; but, the one sincere compliment that I ever appreciated was when he told me that my hair smelled great (I was blow drying it in the living room at the time -- it was a very small place) and that was because of the HE.

It had been a while since I've used HE products so I was pretty psyched to check out their latest offering, the Tousle Me Softly Collection. Given the current cultural obsession with beachy, wavy hair (think Giselle or Jennifer Aniston), this collection is on-trend and just in time to take that look from Hollywood to your house. This collection contains everything one might need to create perfectly tousled locks.

The Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Collection:
  • Shampoo($3) -- cleanses hair without stripping essential oils
  • Conditioner ($3) -- lightly conditions and helps protect hair from the heat necessary to style your look
  • Finishing Cream ($6) -- contains styling and conditioning polymers for the best of both worlds. Apply the cream to wet hair for softness or to dry hair to reduce frizz and flyaways to polish off the look.
  • Mousse -- ($3) breaks down rapidly to easily spread through hair and keep your locks in place.
  • Spray Gel ($3) -- can be used on either damp hair to set the overall style or on dry hair for a targeted application.
The products can be mixed and matched any number of ways depending on your hair type, length and what look you want. I've used all of them and have been completely thrilled with the results. First, the shampoo and conditioner are amazingly economical since the bottles are gigantic and will last for months. Second, the entire Tousle Me Softly collection is perfumed with the combination of wild violet and pomegranate, an intoxicating mix reminiscent of my college days. I absolutely love how it makes the entire shower smell delightful. The combination of the shampoo/conditioner does an excellent job of cleaning the hair without stripping too much moisture.

Here is how I've been using the collection to style. After washing, I smooth a small dollop of the Finishing Cream from mid-shaft to the ends to keep the frizz under control while piecing out some tousles. The Finishing Cream is probably my favorite of all of the products because it smells great and isn't too heavy. The Spray Gel and Mousse are perfectly fine, but at least in my fine hair, I did experience just the smallest amount of crustiness that I didn't really appreciate if I used them alone. Adding a few small sprays of the gel after the finishing cream worked pretty well, however. After working the Finishing Cream through, I have done a couple of different things (all with excellent results). I have finger twisted some 1-2 inch pieces here and there all over my head and then let my hair air dry. I have finger twisted essentially the entire head and then blown it dry with a diffuser. I have used a combination of the Spray Gel and Mousse on second (or third) day hair in combination with the curling iron to freshen up the look. All of these techniques have achieved awesome results and I'm sure that there's much more to try. Finally, I have set the look with the Hair Spray (again, I love the smell) which has medium hold and is not sticky at all. I also appreciate that it isn't aerosol.

Celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan has some tips and tricks on the HE website for using these products to their fullest potential. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Strahan a question about how best to use the products on next-day hair (given my laziness re: shampooing). Here is his insider answer exclusive to The Beauty Couch:
A light mist of water can do wonders to re-activate the product already in the hair. You can apply a little more of either the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel, Finishing Touch Cream or Hairspray (according to your hair type) if you have flyaways or frizzy spots. In addition to smoothing with a bit more product, use a curling iron to control wave/curl. Just a few pieces of added curl or wave can re-charge yesterday’s hair. A few minutes and you can be out the door!
So there you go! In addition to the HE website, Total Beauty has a series of tutorials on achieving the wavy tousled look for long, medium and short hair. I particularly love the Ginnifer Goodwin-inspired tutorial for short-ish hair.

Overall, I am so happy that I rekindled my love of the HE. This is a great collection that is very pocketbook friendly. While I tried all of the products, I think that someone could get away with using only a few. But whether you try one or all six, I definitely recommend checking them out next time you are aiming for that sexy, tousled look.



The Home Spa Goddess said...

I have all of these too - I can't wait to use them. My hair is in braids now so no go. Great review:)

August 7, 2009 at 9:00 AM
Kyl said...

Hello HSG:

Thanks for your comment! I hope that you like the collection!
August 8, 2009 at 10:21 PM

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