Product Review: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash & Beauty Bar

Products that exfoliate are among some of my absolute favorite things. While I have many excellent products in rotation, I'm always open to trying something new. So the opportunity to try Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash ($4) & the Beauty Bar ($3) was alluring, to say the least.
Photobucket Caress Evenly Gorgeous is the newest addition to the Caress Skinwear Collection. . . Evenly Gorgeous gives women beautiful, even toned skin from head to toe. With burnt brown sugar and karite butter, it gently exfoliates and lusciously moisturizes to reveal gorgeous even skin tone."
My experience with Evenly Gorgeous has been somewhat surprisingly (in a good way) positive. Since I've been known to drop some cash on expensive scrubbing products, I have pretty high standards. What is surprising about Evenly Gorgeous is that it works just as well or even better than some more expensive products at an incredibly cheap price. Even compared to my favorite, $8 St. Ives scrub, Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash definitely holds its own by combining excellent exfoliation with rich moisturizers like karite butter to leave skin feeling soft and supremely touchable. The Body Wash is definitely my preference of the two products and that is mostly because I prefer liquid soap to bars. But, I did try out the Beauty Bar and it has similar properties to the Body Wash, if slightly less intense.

The scent of this product is incredible. The burnt sugar is absolutely delicious in this rich, seductive kind of way. It calls to mind caramelized sugar on creme bruleƩ -- and what could be better than that? The scent is amazing, but given its richness and intensity, I would personally use something like this more in the Fall and Winter months, favoring fresher, lighter scents in the Summer. That being said, this product would be perfect for the dry skin that comes during colder months and I'm sure I'll be using plenty of it once that time of the year rolls around. Which is no problem since I can get a giant 18oz bottle for $4. A high quality product at a budget-friendly price -- that's what I call gorgeous.



Nina said...

I love the body wash! It reminds me of a McDonald's Caramel Sundae. OMG it just smells like heaven!

August 18, 2009 at 11:45 PM
Kyl said...

Hey Nina:
Thanks for your comment and for agreeing with my review! Mmmmm...caramel sundae... making me hungry...
August 19, 2009 at 8:34 PM

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