Review: Korres Sunscreen Stick

Sunscreen sticks were unknown to me prior to this Summer, but once I saw mention of this one in July's Lucky, it was only a matter of time until it was mine. Developed by one of my absolute favorite natural skin care/cosmetic lines, the Korres Watermelon Suncare Stick ($25) morphs Korres delicious Watermelon Sunscreen into a semi-solid stick form while preserving the SPF 30 and the delicious watermelon scent. The really amazing thing about the watermelon fragrance is that it smells like actual watermelon, not the Bubblicious artificial watermelon more typically found.

The stick itself is a pale pink solid, similar to deodorant in consistency. Use couldn't be simpler, requiring only a quick swipe where coverage is desired. It can be laborious to apply it to the entire face, but I find that targeting the main areas (forehead, cheeks, around the eyes, chin and nose) and then blending out works just fine. Once applied, the product does leave a pinky sheen, so if your skin is already prone to an oily look, this might not be the product for you. On the other hand, if your skin tends toward the dull, then the Korres Suncare Stick would be a great way to perk it up in the late afternoon while adding some extra protection. With regard to downsides, it is expensive and there are definitely cheaper options available at any drug store. It also appears white-ish on initial application, but this resolves quickly with the slightest amount of rubbing.

Even with those negatives, I find it incredibly fun to use this stuff. Typically I focus attention to the peri-orbital area, applying it in a "C" shape extending from brow bone to cheekbone, but I've also been known to slather it all over my hands and use it as a lip balm in a pinch. The real advantage of this product, and others like it, is convenience: the ability to compactly carry around and reapply SPF without worrying about a bottle exploding all over your purse. Plus, you never have to worry about impromptu outdoor cafe seating arrangements. Go ahead and enjoy that iced latte; Summer is running out and Korres Sunscreen Stick has got you covered.



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