Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Bronzer

For whatever reason, I am chronically unsatisfied with drugstore bronzers. Either they are too saturated, too orange or too shimmery. An ideal bronzer would be one that is just a few shades darker than natural coloring, has minimal shimmer and isn't too expensive. Unfortunately, this is fairly difficult to find.

Last Summer, I was in love with Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Bronzer in Spring and I still use it regularly. But, of course, I can't resist trying the new releases when they come along. This year I was in luck because, after picking up Maybelline Expert Wear Bronzer for less than $5 a while back, I've been using it like crazy.

It comes in three shades: Forever Warm (05), Sun Light (10) and Salsa Sun (20). The medium-dark Sun Light over top my tinted moisturizer is just about perfect to get that Summertime tan sans sun exposure. A little goes a long way due to its excellent color saturation and it blends beautifully. In the case, there is just the tiniest bit of golden shimmer that can be seen, but that does not translate onto the skin for whatever reason. The result is a matte faux bronze. After that, a little bit of bright pink or coral blush is needed to perk up the overall look of the skin; otherwise, I find that the skin can look overall kind of dullish and dead.

Hopefully this bronzer is still available in drugstores since we are unfortunately nearing the end of Summer. If you see a display, I highly recommend picking it up. A quality bronzer for less than $8 is really something to behold. Once you have a killer bronzer in hand, it turns out that applying it is trickier than it ought to be. It is a skill worth perfecting, though, so to that end, this video from Allure featuring Mally Roncal ("my loves!") details all the steps needed to get that celebrity-worthy glow. Enjoy!



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