Review: Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist

I absolutely could not resist trying the Lindsay Lohan-created self-tanning spray with the world's stupidest name: Sevin Nyne ($35). Really? We're misspelling numbers now? Is that hip? Despite the name, this product beckoned to me. While spending that much money on a tanning product would usually make my eyes water, I bought it with a Sephora gift card, making it more like a gift and less like a waste of my own hard-earned cash.

But, on to the review! I can't say that this is a horrible product, but I can't say it's a great one, either. To start off, one major complaint is that there are no freaking instructions included with the product. None. For someone who has never used an aersolized spray tan product before, I desperately needed some direction. On the Sevin Nyne website there are "tips" that are essentially directions, but I can't very well be spray tanning myself in my bathroom and flipping through the screens on my computer, can I? Additionally, given that there are six pages of "tips," that is a bit too much to just read through and remember.

With regard to the actual product, there are two major things to comment on: the ease of execution and the ultimate result. To start with ease of execution, as I already stated, some freaking instructions would have helped. Secondly, they recommend using it in a shower so that the excess spray can be washed down the drain. I found this to be rather challenging because my range of motion was pretty limited in the shower stall. Plus, one repeated tip is to start spraying into the air to get it going before putting one of your limbs into the mist. While this seems to be a key point, it was pretty messy to just be randomly squirting spray tan onto the shower floor. While it eventually washed away, it took several showers and a thorough scrubbing. Lastly with regard to ease of application, it was almost impossible to do this alone. I think that if there is any hope of success with this product, a good friend or family member whom you don't mind seeing you naked is required. Otherwise, it is very difficult to tell how even the application is or to see if there are any obvious areas that were missed.

On the topic of the ultimate results, mine were likely impaired by the problems in application outlined above. But, in areas where the application was even, I will say that the result was very pretty. The caramel bronze that Lindsay sports in the pictures is actually very representative of the ideal results you get with Sevin Nyne. It was a bit rich for my pale skin tone but I did feel very L.A. for a few days and fantasized more than usual about what it would be like to be a blonde.

But other than a few lucky areas, my overall results were pretty splotchy and kind of embarrassing. One major embarrassment was not managing to get any color on the outside edges of my arms (picture the results had my elbows been on the table). This was weird and I conspicuously wore long-sleeves until it wore off which kind of defeated the purpose of rocking a killer faux tan. Because of technical problems with the spray, some areas were more splotchy than others and the instructions explicitly prohibit any rubbing. So, basically, wherever the tan lands, that's where it stays. The "tips" say something about the color splotches evening out over time, but this absolutely did not happen for me.

Another thing that bothered me was how the dye clung to the hair on my arms especially given the no rubbing rule. I was nervous about how it would turn out on the face, but this was one area where I think the result was OK. In fact, it was really only application on the arms and legs that caused trouble for me and otherwise, my face, shoulders, neck and back looked pretty good. In terms of drying time, they claim that it dries in 5-10 minutes. It was more like 15-20 for me. Several hours later I went to bed and, in the morning, I awoke to a giant brown smear where I slept. This was gross and, to my complete irritation, did not wash out completely from my beautiful cream sheets. Grrrr.

In sum, for $35 I would expect a little more ease of use and good results from this product, so it was disappointing in that there were so many problems. I think that this could be a great product for someone really committed to a Lindsay-style tan, but it definitely requires some finesse with application and probably a helper for best results. While they may not have the mystique of the LiLo, there are many cheaper, easier to use options available at any drugstore. Next time, I'm inclined to save my money and leave the spray tan to the pros.



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