Sephora Nail Whitening Pencil

At this moment, I have a nail polish backlog that is completely out of control. Meaning, I have so many awesome polishes that I need to swatch and share with you, it's kind of driving me crazy. The reason for this is that my "real" life often interferes with my blogging and I just can't seem to get those swatches completed. Which also means that I haven't been keeping up my nail polish/manicure. I have probably had color on my tips cumulatively about 2 weeks out of the entire Summer -- the shame! But, in the interim, I have been making use of the Sephora Nail Whitening Pencil ($4).

To be clear, it's a simple white pencil that can be sharpened. Then, the tip is rubbed underneath the edge of the nail. This essentially "colors" the nail a brighter white and aims to step up the look of your mani just a touch. I find that this is perfect when my nails need some help but I'm short on time. I can quickly run the tip under the nail, rub on some cuticle oil, balm or CND Cuticle Eraser and my nails will instantly look brighter. Perfection? Not really, but definitely better.

Reading the reviews on, this product is quite divisive with lots of general dissatisfaction and grumpiness. I have a few thoughts on this. To start, it is obviously a $4 white pencil, so I'm not sure what kind of high expectations are really in order. Secondly, this product is not going to be a five minute route to spectacular looking nails for the next week. No, this is a quick fix for when you are running out the door and need to class things up by 30%. That's it. No, the white doesn't last a long time. Yes, it washes off. Again, it's a pencil.

Unfortunately, flawless nails require a bit more care than a few quick pencil strokes. This product is the Easy Mac of nail care: it leaves a lot to be desired, but in a pinch, it's better than going hungry.



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