Zoya Fall 2009: Truth

Always known for their fantastic colors and even more amazing formula, hometown favorite Zoya has one question for nail fanatics: Truth or Dare?
Photobucket Zoya Nail Polish lets you decide what fashion look is right for you this fall. Will it be Truth or Dare? Should you? Would you?"
Although described as "classic, bright and straightforward," I think that I have to disagree with the last part. There is nothing straightforward about the shimmery knock-em-dead colors in this collection. They are out of this world gorgeous!

Today I present the Truth Collection for your viewing pleasure! All photos (except one) were taken in bright indoor light without flash. All are two coats and no topper.

Penny (copper gold metallic) is, fittingly enough, reminiscent of a shiny new penny. I can honestly say I've never seen a color like this before and it is dazzling. The prominent shimmer almost jumps off the nail and is definitely an attention-getter. I can imagine this would be brilliant on a warmer skin tone.

Kalmia (rose copper metallic) is similar to Penny in brightness, only the shade is a rich orange-y tomato. While this one didn't stand out for me in the collection on first glance, once I had it on it was apparent that this polish actually quite flattering.

Salma (scarlet red metallic) has been my pedicure color for the past few weeks. With the addition of the shimmer, it is a modern update on a classic red nail polish. It may not be the world's most unique color, but it is definitely stunning.

Isla (venetian red metallic) is a color that does not take "no" for an answer. This one was my instant favorite on first viewing. A deep, rich bordeaux, this is definitely a stop and stare color. My only small complaint is that the formula on this one was a little thinner than the others and a tad harder to control. But that won't stop me from wearing Isla though the coming Fall.

Anaka (fuchsia metallic glimmer) is the brightest number of the collection. I'm not sure this picture quite captures it, but this lady is vivid.

Drew (mauve rose metallic) was photographed in natural light to try to really get a good representation on the color. While it does have shimmer, this one is the most subdued of all of them. Drew is a very lady-like mauve for all of you wannabe Betty Drapers out there.

Overall, Zoya Truth lives up to the high expectations we have come to reserve for this brand. The formula, 3 free like all Zoya polishes, is fantastic. It spreads easily and all were bottle
shade in two coats. They are shimmery and metallic but I didn't have problems with brushstrokes as sometimes happens. Zoya polishes are designed to work with Zoya's Color Lock System for maximal performance, but it is certainly not necessary to enjoy these fantastic colors.

So, tell the Truth, do you love it?

Top image courtesy of Zoya and Art of Beauty.



Anonymous said...

I just got my Truth collection in the mail and I absolutely adore it!!

October 22, 2009 at 8:27 PM
Kyl said...

Hey Renee:
Thx for the comment! Which one is your favorite?
October 24, 2009 at 3:05 PM

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