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Zac Posen - Font Row & Backstage - Spring 2010 MBFWIn agreement with what the NYT was saying yesterday, Fashion Week Spring 2010 evidenced makeup looks that definitely took a less-is-more perspective. For example, check out the barely-there makeup on this model from the Zac Posen Spring 2010 fashion show. Follow this link to see pics from other designers who chose similar minimalist looks for their shows.

In the current Fall season, while we are knee-deep in dramatic looks for eyes and lips, expect this natural look to become trendy once the weather warms up again. However, although trends come and go, many women go for a simple look all year round. If you are in that camp, or you just want to be ahead of the trend curve for Spring, then mark has an excellent product for you.

I am completely in love with the Flip For It palettes that mark puts out each season. My London Palette is never far from the regular rotation in my makeup bag (wearing it today, in fact!). The palettes are perfectly edited and coordinated to create a no-fail look without any stress or thought. Plus, since they contain everything you need for eyes, cheeks and lips, they are perfect for travel. Toss some foundation, mascara and the Flip For It in your bag and you are ready for take off! My fan-ship of these economical little babies extends to their newest release: mark Flip For It Urban Neutrals ($20). How gorgeous is the chocolate-y brown eye shadow/liner?

If this palette is similar to mine, the eye and cheek colors are well pigmented and easy to use. Flip it over and there are four gorgeous lip shades ranging from a matte brick-red to shimmery barely-there pink. This palette will take you from morning coffee to happy hour without missing a beat. And for $20, that is a seriously hard act to follow.

So stop messing around with lots and lots of products to get that simply done look. Grab the Urban Neutrals Flip For It and be the most beautiful, natural gal around.



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