Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner

Since we're on the topic of gel eye liners, let me share one that I've been using for a while: Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner ($15). I picked this up a while back in Black Honey; I was curious about the color because the much beloved Black Honey shade of the Almost Lipstick is a pretty, berry tint. As such, I expected the Brush-On Cream Liner would be an interesting purple-brown. Unsurprisingly, my assumption was wrong and the color is more appropriately described as a "shimmery reddish brown," which is fine since it is really quite lovely with just a hint of golden shimmer.

This gel liner is so easy to use, it's almost ridiculous. The creamy texture just glides on without any smudging or messiness. Since mine didn't come with the little Clinique brush pictured, I use theBalm shadyLady Liner Brush ($8) to apply it [as a side note, that is probably one of the best $8 I've spent on a makeup brush]. Whether doing a close to the lashes smudge or a more dramatic cat eye swoop, this liner is really great. The price is also quite reasonable (cheaper than UD Ink for Eyes) and it lasts forever. The one deficiency is that the staying-power could be better. The color doesn't immediately disintegrate, but it doesn't quite make it till the end of the day. Nevertheless, on balance, this is still a very good gel liner at a reasonable price and I definitely enjoy using it.

***FYI, I'm going to be absent from blogging for a few days while I take a little trip, but I'll be back soon enough! Thanks for your patience. ***



Anonymous said...

I also like this eyeliner. I have it in Bronze, which is nearly identical to Stila's Bronze Smudgepot. I agree that it could have a bit more staying power, but it's still a good product.

I'd have to say that my two favorite gel/cream liners are MAC Fluidlines and Stila Smudgepots, with Clinique's product coming in third. :)

September 23, 2009 at 4:15 PM

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