Found It! Universally Flattering Blush

Bobbi Brown released the Illuminating Bronze Collection earlier in the Summer and it was seriously love at first sight in my world. In particular, the six shades of pressed powder with micro pearl particles looked to be perfect for creating a picture-perfect flush.

After using one of those shades, Maui ($33), for most of the Summer, I can say for certain that it is fabulous and probably the world's most perfect blush.* The pink coral shade is perfectly incredible and will be flattering on practically all skin tones from the very pale to the richest brown. This color is sure to be a winner. With regard to the illuminating descriptor, the micro pearl is visible in the pan, but once applied, the result is a very luminous blush without obvious shimmer or glitter. Color saturation is just amazing and I literally only tap my EcoTools Blush Brush on the compact 1 or 2 times to pick up the right amount of color. Anything more is just too much due to the intensity of the pigment -- definitely the mark of a high quality product. I have been using this almost every day for months and there is barely any noticeable erosion in the pan.

As far as downsides, besides the price, I can't point to any. I cannot say enough nice things about this product, it's just that good and worth every penny. It was my intention to try to snap a pic wearing it to post, but due to time constraints, this hasn't happened. In lieu of that, it turns out that Bobbi Brown's model is actually wearing Maui, so I'll just show you her beautiful face again as a reminder. She looks stunning in this shade and her skin tone is completely different from mine, further making the point that this shade will be great on everyone!

I'm a big believer in blush as being an essential beauty product and, I would say, if you were going to buy one and only one blush for your makeup bag, this would be it.

*I'm referring to Maui as blush even though it is included in a bronzer collection. It just doesn't seem to be anything like a bronzer to me and the Bobbi Brown sales associate agreed with me, so I feel justified in my little rebellion.

Image Bobbi Brown.



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