Look For Less: Christina Hendricks

Continuing on my Mad Men obsession, here is the always-lovely Christina Hendricks at the Season 3 premier early last month. For the premier, Christina left behind the vintage costume and went for a fresh faced and modern look. Keeping her hairstyle very simple with a classic chignon, this makeup look is perfect for showing off her beautiful features without being overly done or stiff looking. One thing that I love about this look is that it would work on a wide age range of women and is pretty easy to achieve. Here is how I would piece together Christina's beautiful peachy glow without blowing the budget.

Start by evening the complexion and preparing the face. For this look, her foundation is very minimal and allows the natural glow of her skin to come through. Go with a sheer, tinted moisturizer such as mark Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer ($8). If your skin can pass with even less, use a quick cream to powder stick like mark Speedway Do Everything Makeup ($8) just to touch more more uneven areas. When in doubt, it is better to use less foundation overall and then just hit problem spots with a sturdy concealer.

Once the skin is ready, it is time to add back some color. Eye makeup is one of those things that can be incredibly complicated or incredibly easy. While I'm sure her makeup artist used several shades of eyeshadow, I think a passable, similar effect can be obtained with only two products.

Try a sheer, grey eye shadow like the Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow in Steel ($8). Apply on the eyelid up to the crease and just ever-so-slightly beyond, concentrating a bit more color on the outer third of the eye. After finishing the top, dust whatever is remaining on the makeup brush near the lower lash line. Try not to re-dip the brush in the pan or there will be too much color on the brush. Similar to the top lid, concentrate a bit more color on the outer third. Finish the look by lining with a black eyeliner, keeping the line close to the lashes and even tight-lining a bit to make it extra-special. For this, try a dark black or very dark grey eye liner like the Sephora Pure Eyeliner in Panther Black ($12). Gently smudge the eyeliner with a cotton swab to diffuse the harshness. Finish with your favorite black mascara or try the mark Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara in Blacklash ($6).

This look is really all about the cheeks and showing off Christina's incredible cheekbones. To keep the look glow-y and fresh, go with a cream blush or stain in a peach shade. Rimmel London Mousse Blush in Peach Iced Tea ($6) would be an excellent choice. Finish the look with a pretty lip shade that coordinates with the blush. To make the color last all night (for your next movie premier), start with a lip stain like stila Mango Crush Cheek and Lip Stain ($24). Don't use a lip liner to keep the overall effect fresh and natural. Top the stain with a pretty, but not overly shiny, gloss. Treat yourself to one with fun scent like Philosophy Melon Dacquiri Flavored Lip Shine ($12) and get ready to smile all night long -- just like Christina!

Mad Men Season Three Los Angeles Premiere



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