Brilliant! Lush for Weddings

I was poking around the Lush website looking at the Halloween 2009 specials. Sadly, the products on offer aren't as appealing as last year (where is the gift set?!).

So that's a bummer. But! I did stumble across a new feature: Lush for Weddings! Even though Fall/Winter isn't usually associated with wedding fever, I happen to have gotten married in the Fall, so it always seems like wedding time to me. So, whether you are somehow imminently involved in a wedding or not, store away this little tid-bit for the future: Lush makes specially-designed bath bombs would be incredible wedding favors.
If you're getting married this year, we have fresh ideas for wedding favors that will have the guests gabbing about it for days after you say “I do”. We've created two limited edition bath bombs, White Wedding and Butterfly especially for your big day. We'll even wrap it in biodegradable cello bag with a beautiful raffia ribbon and custom tag."
From a philosophical/environmental perspective, I'm a big fan of consumable gifts: give people stuff that they will eat, use up or smear on themselves rather than something that will just sit around the house and collect dust. In her amazing book, I Like You, Amy Sedaris recommends gifting people butter, for example. Everyone likes butter, everyone uses butter, so why not, really? But back to weddings, think of how much fun guests would have if, after the wedding, once they make it back home, they unwind with their Lush Bath Bomb and think about all the fun they had at your wedding. How cool would that be? Pretty darn cool, sez me.

Lush has developed two wedding-favor ready bombs:
  • White Wedding ($3) -- a decadent blend of jasmine, rose, ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils
  • Butterfly ($3) -- a sensual mix of jasmine, larkspur, ylang ylang and everlasting flower

Honestly, though, I don't see why you couldn't use any of the amazing bath bombs and just wrap them up yourself. If memory serves me correctly, wedding favors don't typically come cheap, so $3/person sounds like a deal -- especially for an awesome gift like this one.



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