Fun Hair Finds

These days, the internet is a-crawlin' with adorable hair accessories for almost any length of hair. At the same time, creative hair goodies like outrageous headbands and artistically arranged hair pins are super on-trend this season. So check out these cool finds for some inspiration!

Ricky's NYC is an amazing beauty emporium with many locations in the greater NYC area. It looks so cool that I would seriously consider a trip back East just to visit. But, since no trip is imminently planned, I just scan their website obsessively. Growing out a short hairstyle and looking for ways to tame those unruly cow-licks? Desiring a change from the usual bobby pins that keep those stray hairs in place? Then Rickycare Rubber Flat Bobby Pins ($5) should definitely be in the cart. I think that these are so much more chic than the standard bobby pins. Placing 2 or 3 of them next to each other would be a fun way to add some polish to your 'do.

Another cool item from Ricky's NYC is this Pin-Up Girl UpDo Kit ($22). It comes in three hair colors (blonde, brown and black) with all the styling essentials needed to create sexy, retro-inspired updo's such as the "Perfect Ponytail," "Super Chic Bun," and "Classic Beehive." Each kit contains a slew of pins, elastics, clips and bungees to help perfect the desired 'do. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

For the less ambitious who are happy to toss on a headband and call it a day, there is also a new product that has legions of fans : Twistband. Meant to replace the much-maligned (but really quite handy) scrunchie, Twistbands ($10-12 for a set of three) are elastic trim headbands and pony-tail bungees that stretch to support any hairstyle without being overly-tight and causing headaches or hair dents. They come in a ridiculous number of colors and patterns and, because they are so simple and chic, won't look sad when they eventually end up around your wrist (you know it will happen).

Then we get to some really super-cute barrettes and hair pins that are available these days all over the place. Ulta has some that are amazingly affordable and very pretty. Check out the Karina Barrette ($11) that has the look of a delicate filigree covered with colored rhinestones. So pretty!

If you are not already familiar with the online flea market of home-made, nifty little things that is, then you should be. Thousands of adorable, vintage-inspired hair thing-ies are pumped out by creative sorts every day! This cute Vintage Bobby Pin ($8) would work for all ages of ladies to add a little something special to the usual routine.

Whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in-between, try something new with the 'do this Fall. A little change can amount to a big impact, without spending a lot of money -- and that's always nice.



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