Halloween Kits from Sephora!

Only 11 days until Halloween! Do you have your costume? I'm still working on mine and it is unfortunately going to require yet another trip to the fabric store. Curses!

I should have just stopped by Sephora.com and picked out one of these truly cool Sephora Brand Halloween Kits ($19). For under $20, each kit comes with all essential items for creating a variety of costume makeups. The kit at left contains items that can be used to create Vampire, Rock Star and Witch appropriate looks. All of the items are full-sized and the kit comes with instructions to guide your application. But why stop with Vampire, Rock Star or Witch? This kit could be used to create Bride of Frankenstein, Sparkly Spooky Ghost, Marilyn Manson or many other costumes as well.

If your costume tastes run on the more sweet rather than spooky end of the spectrum, then definitely check out the Doll, Fairy and Angel kit. Along with false eyelashes, this kit contains a pot gloss, silver glitter spray, eye liner pencils in black and white and luminous glow highlighting powder. But don't let its innocent looks fool you, this kit could also create some vicious looks like video game favorite Bad Girl, post-psychiatric hospitalization Britney (shaved head optional), Jem, Demonic Kitten or Evil RN just to name a few.

Lastly, for those looking for a more sultry, mysterious Halloween look, the Greek Goddess, Peacock and Cleopatra kit won't let you down. It features more Sephora brand items in the gold/teal/purple color spectrum for turning yourself into a right vixen. None of those sound like your style? How about Bollywood Star? Mermaid? Haunting Siren? Scheherazade?

For more intensive how-tos on some of these looks, Sephora's Blog has videos to guide the way. And, for even more incentive Sephora’s Friends and Family sale started yesterday. Use code FF2009 for 20% off purchases from now through November 2! Using the discount, these kits are around $15 -- so your pocketbook is the one thing that won't be scared!



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