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I guess I have Lush on the brain these days . After perusing their website last week, I somehow mysteriously found myself in the downtown store. Imagine that!* After the phenomenal hand treatment that they always foist on me when I enter the store (Lemony Flutter + Ocean Salt + Dream Cream = Softest Hands Ever), I was picking up a few new items to try out at home when this unsightly little guy caught my eye.

He belongs to a new family of Lush products, Emotibombs ($4). Similar to the awesome Bath Bombs, Emotibombs are made specially for use in the shower to fill the steamy air with gorgeous, aromatic scents.
Emotibombs are a new creation fresh from the LUSH lab and a fascinating way to have fun in the shower. Essentially, they’re like bath bombs for the shower with the same fragrant fizz. Put one on your shower floor, or higher up on a soap shelf, under the water flow. As the warm water hits it, natural perfumes are released, filling your bathroom with fragrant steam to influence your mood."
Thus far, there are four varieties of Emotibombs. The one I took home has the unfortunate name "Too Drunk..." It was recommended to me by the sales associate when I mentioned that my nose was a bit stuffy. Infused with the essential oils of peppermint, marigold, fennel and sweet orange, Too Drunk aims to perk you up and/or comfort an aching head (or stuffy sinuses, apparently).

At any rate, I excitedly took Mr. Too Drunk home and tossed a piece of him into the shower with me. The perfume effect was stronger than for the bath bombs, but it was totally fun. The entire shower smelled like a spicy sauna in less than a minute and the scent lingered for most of the shower. Since I only used a small piece, it dissolved quickly, but using a larger piece or the whole bomb would probably cover the entire shower. The suggestion to put it on a shelf so that it isn't directly dissolving under the faucet is probably a good idea to extend the life of the Emotibomb. I can't say that Too Drunk cleared up my sinuses, but it was piquant enough to easily cut through the congestion and enhance my showering experience.

I am super excited to try out more of the Emotibombs as I have high hopes that they will spice up the always-boring experience of taking a shower. Am I the only one who finds showering to be the world's most boring activity? Thankfully, for me at least, the nice folks at Lush are actively trying to solve this problem.

Lush Emotibombs are available in Lush stores, online at or

*Actually, J. and I were killing time before seeing Zombieland -- I figured that a side trip to Lush was the least he could do for my being such a good sport about seeing a zombie movie.



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