More Love for Pond's Clean Sweep

Having recently been packing for an out of town trip, I remembered again how much I love Pond's Clean Sweep ($6 for 30ct package). They are my go-to facial wipes for travel and definitely the best as far as I can tell. Since the TSA restrictions on liquids make editing one's skin and beauty arsenal for a trip something of an art form, Pond's Clean Sweep takes the place of a facial cleanser without using up any of that precious allowable 1 quart baggie.

Tempted by their budget prices, I've tried a few generic brands of facial wipes (Target and Trader Joe's house brands). Switching back to Pond's for this trip, I was struck by how much better the Pond's really are. The most noticeable thing is that the Pond's wipes remove eye makeup better than any of the generic brands -- no comparison. They are so good (removing even waterproof mascara) that I've used them in place of eye makeup remover even when at home with success. Also, one Pond's wipe is enough to get the face and neck area squeaky clean. With some less expensive brands, this can require 2 or 3 towels. Lastly, the Pond's formula is gentler on the face and doesn't leave that uncomfortable, overly-stripped tightness.

Anyway, I doubt that I will be going back to the generic brands again after experiencing renewed enthusiasm for Pond's. These wipes have earned a permanent home in my travel bag.



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