My New Obsession: MAC Penultimate Eye Liner

This is a serious case of the You-Should-Really-Get-This-Now-I'm-Not-Kidding. While MAC's 80's throwback collection, Style Black, is likely too intense for a lot of folks out there, the Penultimate Eye Liner ($17) is a product that anyone who loves eye liner can get behind.

One of the biggest trends for Fall 2009 is winged eye liner or the "cat eye" look. The retro-inspired swoop is dramatic without being unwearable and, subsequently, it is often seen on runways and the red carpet. See Lauren Conrad and Zoe Saldana rock this look at recent appearances.

The bummer about achieving the cat eye, however, is that it can be really hard to get right. Pencil eye liners don't quite put that fine point on a swoop. Gel liners are better, but require a brush and some practice. Liquid is beautiful if you can work it, but one misstep and out comes the eye makeup remover.

All of these inconveniences end with this incredible product. Essentially, the Penultimate Eye Liner is a Sharpie marker for your eye lids -- a very sophisticated Sharpie. Notice the fine point on this baby. The tapered tip is key to executing the perfect, perfect cat eye swoop. And, even better, it makes it easy. I swiped on an impeccable swoop right out of the gate and was totally blown away by how easy it was.

Not only is the pen easy to use, but the formula is bullet-proof. Once applied, it does not budge. It doesn't flake, fade or crease all day long. Even more impressive, it dries instantly on application, so there is no drying time like with liquid liners. This is a major improvement, because inevitably, if I even get the liquid liner on correctly, I smudge it all to hell because I'm too impatient to stand there with my eyes half open for ten minutes while it dries. This leads to endless frustration.

But that is all frustration of the past. I have my MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and my cat eye and I'm never looking back.



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