Zoya Fall 2009: Dare

This has been a long time coming, but I'm happy to finally present the other half of Zoya's Fall Collections: Dare. Fall is just starting outside, but the beauty world is already a-buzzin' about the holiday collections. But, Zoya Dare is not to be overlooked!

Zoya Nail Polish lets you decide what fashion look is right for you this fall. Will it be Truth or Dare? Would you? Why not...?"
While the other half of the collection, Truth, explodes with shimmery pizzazz, Dare takes a quieter, but no less bold, approach with a group of six dramatic, attention-getting creams. I'm so pleased to be able to share some swatches of these appealing colors! To start, here is the entire Dare collection ($36) lined up to show the beautiful, sultry rainbow that they compose. Below that is a pic of the bottle color names.

And, without further ado, on to the swatches! All pics were taken in bright indoor light without flash. All swatches are two coats with no top coat.

Vanessa (blue-red cream) is a phenomenal cranberry red. This one didn't excite me too much in the bottle, but once it was on the nails, I totally fell in love with it. It may not be the world's most unique color, but it is rich and beautiful. The formula is easy to use with pigmentation so rich as to be almost bottle intensity in one coat.

Ciara (burgundy plum cream) is more of a purple-tinged berry shade. It is a take-off from Vanessa moving toward the purple end of the spectrum. This one is a close duplicate of my favorite Summer '09 shade, OPI Miami Beet.

Demi (purple mauve cream) is perfect for those gals desiring a purple nail but who are tired of the reign of near-black purples. It is a deep lavender that definitely reads as purple on the nail. It wasn't my favorite of the collection, but it is a good color.

Envy (gleaming jade green with subtle shimmer) is for ladies who love a vampy nail but are tired of the usual black/purple/blue hues that have been so standard for the last few years. A spectacular mossy green, Envy is sure to draw attention. This unusual and unique shade turns out, somewhat surprisingly, to be quite flattering as well. Definitely not a near-black, Envy's gorgeous green reminds me of the forest floor at dusk. Apparently it has some amount of shimmer, but this really doesn't jump out in person or on camera and it reads as mostly cream.

Ibiza (gleaming sapphire blue with subtle shimmer) is just dazzling. This one also has a small amount of shimmer that ends up being more noticeable. The shimmer gives the intense blue some depth and keeps it from being just another near-black. I have never been to Ibiza, but I can only assume that this blue is inspired by the ocean waters in that region. It is so, so pretty.

Pinta (inky violet cream) is the color that is impossible to capture on film! Numerous other bloggers have lamented their inability to properly display the stunning shade that is Pinta. I think that this photo comes pretty close (at least on my monitor) to this inventive aubergine. As hard as it is to show properly, it is ten times as opulent in person. I don't know of another color like this one and it is truly a winner.

Zoya Dare is the perfect alternative to Truth for those desiring less over-the-top dazzle. I am personally more partial to creams and so Dare is right up my alley. While the red and purple berry half of the collection may not be completely new and exciting, they are done with care and using the signature amazing Zoya formula. It was in the second half of the set that I got really excited by the unrivaled intensity and depth of the darker shades. Overall, this is a very solid collection and it is sure to compliment an array of Fall fashions.

Top image courtesy of Zoya and Art of Beauty.



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