Glamorous Gifts: Philosophy

During some of my holiday weekend QVC watching, I ended up catching several hours of a Philosophy promotion. In all honesty, it was pretty boring, but I think that's the problem with trying to promote delicious-smelling bath and body products on TV. There's only so much you can say about it. The real fun is in using it. Or, in gifting it.

Philosophy makes some really fun and unique products that are perfect for gift-giving. Who wouldn't love some luxurious, delicious-smelling bath and body products? Take a look at my favorite pics from their vast offerings.
For the angel on your holiday list, the Angel Cakes ($20) collection delivers classic vanilla angel food cake in the form of an 8oz. shower gel and a high-gloss lip shine. Plus, it comes in an adorable gift box that can be filled with keepsakes and holiday mementos. Whether for a young niece or a favorite co-worker, this gift set is sure to please.


Glamorous Gifts: Benefit Holiday Exclusives

I was trying to hold off posting about holiday beauty gifts until after Thanksgiving. Now that has passed, however, I'm about ready to burst with excitement over some of the amazing kits and deals that are out there. There are so many things to mention, it's kind of ridiculous.

For any Benefit-lovin' ladies out there, you simply must check out the amazing holiday kits they have put together this year. They would make some much-appreciated gifts, but I would honestly find it hard to part with any of them once they were in my tight little clutches! See for yourself and tell me that I'm wrong...

The Ford sisters have a way of creating blushes that seem to instantly become cult classics. Even people who aren't that into blush will be familiar with the virtues of Dandelion, Hoola and 10. Personally, I adore Benefit blush/bronzers, but at $28 bucks a pop, they definitely don't work their way into the budget very often. So imagine my thrill when I came across the Powderazzi Holiday Kit ($30) which contains three of Benefit's most beloved cheek shades: Hoola, Coralista and Dallas. They aren't full-sized portions, obviously, but with the high-quality pigmentation that is a signature of these colors, it won't take much to able to enjoy these warm and glowing complexion-enhancers for years to come!


NOTW: OPI Visions of Sugarplum

In addition to their 2009 Holiday Wishes Collection, OPI has released three Ulta-exclusive shades for the holiday season. One of these, Visions of Sugarplum, is this week's featured nail of the week (NOTW). Usually I try not to buy nail polish at full price because there are many discount websites out there. However, when I came across Visions of Sugarplum, I didn't want to risk not being able to find it online.

No kidding, this one is a real stunner. It's a darkened purple with gorgeous, iridescent sparkle. The color and sparkle combination makes it seriously jump off the nails. With its obvious eye-catching quality, it definitely won't be mistaken for a near black. Visions of Sugarplum is beautifully festive and would be a fun accessory to a holiday party outfit. The formula is flawless and the addition of the glitter makes it more long-wearing than other colors. While I'm always a sucker for purple polish, Visions of Sugarplum is already sure to be a prize of my collection.

See the other Ulta exclusive holiday OPI colors here.


How To... Spice Up Your Routine

Young woman biting into a chili
Stuck in a makeup rut and unsure of how to bust out without breaking the bank? Here are some quick and easy tips that don't require a big investment in time or money. Give one or two a try and see how they work for you!

-- While everyone loves the classic black, brown and brown-black eye liner, why not try something slightly more adventurous? Colored eyeliners are very trendy and will add an interesting punch to your usual routine. Swap out that tired brown-black for a navy, gray or burgundy liner. These colors are just different enough, but still appropriate for work environments.

-- And while we're on the subject of eyes, have you jumped on the smokey eye train? Not everyone can (or should, quite frankly) pull off a heavy-handed smokey eye, but most of us could stand to smoke it up a little bit now and again. Black and gray are always good, but if that's too intimidating, try a chocolate or purple smokey look. Currently eggplant is my favorite smoke color. Concentrate color just on the lower part of the lid, no higher than the crease, to create a look that is easy, pretty and appropriate for day.


Nail News: Wizard of Ooh Ahz Re-Release

I usually don't post about individual polish collections, but I can't resist sharing the exciting news of the re-release of the classic fave China Glaze collection, The Wizard of Ooh Ahz.
Click your Ruby Pumps and come travel with China Glaze down the yellow brick road to meet “The Wizard of Ooh Ahz”! China Glaze will take you to that special polish place…some where over the rainbow with these gorgeous glitter polishes!"
Colors in the 6 piece collection include (from left to right as shown in the photo above):
  • Ruby Pumps: An all time red glitter favorite!
  • Cowardly Lyin’: Gold frost with specks of gold micro glitter.
  • The Ten Man: Silver frost with specks of micro silver glitter.
  • Dorothy Who?: Blue polish with massive amounts of silver and blue glitter!
  • C-C-Courage: Purple Frost with specks of purple micro glitter.
  • Good Witch: Pink Frost with specks of pink micro glitter.
I've been meaning to pick up Ruby Pumps for a while now, C-C-Courage is looking pretty sexy as well. The Wizard of Ooh Ahz will be available in stores and online any day now. Get those holiday gift lists ready...


Shine by bliss at Sheraton Hotels

Staying at a Sheraton recently, I was surprised to find that the bathroom toiletries were made by bliss. The collection "Shine by bliss" is a line of amenities created exclusively for Sheraton hotels. All of the standard rooms come with the Mandarin-Mint shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and body lotion. In upgraded rooms for VIP guests, they also offer Shine shower gel and a specialty body sponge.

Given that most mid-price hotels offer generic "shampoo" and "conditioner" in their rooms, the Shine by bliss was an intriguing change. The Mandarin-Mint scent is fresh and pleasant, definitely leaning more toward the citrus than the mint. Most guests would probably find it to be refreshing and suitably inoffensive to men and women alike. However, the performance of the Shine by bliss products left something to be desired. Typical of hotel shampoos, this one stripped my hair of moisture and left if feeling dry and unruly. Even generous amounts of the conditioner did not correct the imbalance. The bar soap was fairly gentle, but again, too drying and harsh for use as a facial bar. My favorite of the whole collection was definitely the lotion. The texture was silky, it absorbed fairly quickly and provided adequate moisture to my travel-weary skin. I snagged an extra bottle of the lotion to bring home.

Overall, the Shine by bliss collection was a potentially exciting change to the usual hotel fare, but it disappointingly performs about as well as the usual fare. It would be much preferable if the usual bliss product line was included with Sheraton rooms -- the lemon+sage collection would suit me just fine. Unfortunately, for now, the lotion is great but remember to pack the shampoo and conditioner.


Fun Hair Finds

Last month I reported on some cool hair accessories that my obsessive internet-ing had turned up. It would appear that trendy, fun hair things are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Currently, I am obsessed with these Bumble & Bumble Buttonbands ($15). I saw them at the salon and (feigning admirable amounts of restraint) passed on the impulse buy. Subsequently, I've been regretting that choice ever since. Honestly, how cute is the indigo-trimmed ocean blue color? Or the violet-trimmed black with their little coordinating button details? The answer: freaking adorable. Plus, they are designed to be used alone or as a base for wildly creative embellishment. Watch the video to see an impressive amount of creativity inspired by these little guys.

Anthropologie often has very beautiful hair accessories. Unfortunately, they often run in the really ridiculous $30-50 range. However, the very pretty Teavaro Headband comes in at less than $20. Delicate clusters of black pearls nestling on distressed chiffon petals strike that perfect balance of polished but unfussy. The subdued blue palette would be very pretty on all hair colors.

I've been completely obsessed with the etsy shop, Jessie Beans, since randomly meeting the owner/creator at a local fabric store. She was wearing one of her creations and, when I complimented it, she gave me the address for the website. Unlike most of Anthropologie's offerings, Jessie Beans' amazing hair accessories are sold at ridiculously affordable prices. This one, with white ostrich feathers ($20) was exactly the kind of thing I searched for (unsuccessfully) for my wedding. But, even if formal nuptials are not on the agenda, she has plenty other offerings with intricate beading, beautiful pendant cameos and even more feathers. All are individually made by hand and perfectly executed without being overly done or cheesy. They are as beautiful, or even more so, than many Anthropologie hair accessories at 1/3-1/2 the price. Whether ornate or quietly simple, Jessie Beans' headbands have the added bonus of being completely one of a kind and unique. And how can you put a price on originality?


Product Lust: Holiday Fragrance Rings

Sorry for being M.I.A. for a few days, I was out of town at a (non-beauty-related) conference. It was great and the plane trip provided lots of time for magazine reading. That, in turn, inevitably lead to stimulation of massive amounts of product lust.

Everywhere I look I'm seeing gorgeous fragrance rings all ready for gift-giving. These cool little deals are over-sized, campy and sure to draw attention on their own. But, the secret is that inside they contain some very nice solid perfume already on-hand for a mid-party touch up. If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive, very cool gift for a girl pal this holiday season, then definitely consider checking some of these out. I am in love with the Michael Kors Very Hollywood ($40) version shown at the top left.

For a walk on the wilder side, there is the Kat Von D Solid Perfume Ring ($30) featuring a Gothic gunmetal flower. It comes with both of her signature scents, Saint and Sinner, in interchangeable pans. That way, you can decide which persona to adopt prior to a night on the town. Whichever one is ultimately chosen, the ring itself is sure to compliment any number of sparkly holiday ensembles.

For a similar, but cheaper, effect there is the mark Holidays Rock Solid Fragrance Ring ($18). It has a platinum metallic shade and contains the favorite floral-vanilla Rebel Rose fragrance. While we're on the subject, these rings are also a perfect way to try a new fragrance without committing to purchasing a whole bottle.

There are many more out there -- including the Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring ($42) that is just a bit too gaudy for my taste. But whether your taste falls more toward Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors, a perfume ring is sure to be a solid hit.


Worst Product Ever: Andrea Naturals Body Wax

It is not often that I run into a product that is truly egregiously disappointing, but my experience with Andrea Naturals Body Wax was a new low. My favorite products for home waxing are made by Parissa, but these can unfortunately be hard to find. Because I was 1) pressed for time and 2) desperately needing to take care of business before a romantic date last Saturday, I reached for Andrea Naturals Body Wax with Pomegranate and Cranberry ($11) at the local drugstore.

The experience was pretty much horrible from start to finish. First off, the wax didn't smell very good when it was warmed up -- a plastic-y odor that did not suggest pomegranate or cranberry. But the real problem came with execution. The wax is designed to be used without cloth strips. Ideally, the wax is spread on in a small area, let to cool briefly and then pulled off while still pliant.

Following the directions to the letter, what ensued was a complete catastrophe. The wax certainly did not pull up nicely in a neat little strip; in fact, it hardly came off at all! I pulled and pulled and really could not get it off my skin! It was crazy! The directions suggest using some baby oil or petroleum jelly to remove stray pits of sticky wax, but even this was ineffective and a complete mess. Ultimately, I was able to get all the wax off, but I essentially had to pick every little piece off individually (and scrape some of it off with a razor blade! Fact!).

To add insult to injury, hardly any hair was removed and my leg ended up tender and bruised. It has been sore for the past several days, reminding me of how mad I am about the whole thing every time I try to cross my leg. I'm going to try to return Andrea Naturals Body Wax to the drugstore from whence it came, but I was so irritated that I felt it was only fair to warn others about it. It makes me angry that a really miserable product like this kicks around probably only because it bills itself as a "natural" alternative to other waxes. Natural or not, I will not be trying any more Andrea Naturals products.


Trend Report: Defined Brows with Tarte EmphasEYES for Brows

Darkly defined brows are a clearly established trend for Fall/Winter 2009/10. Even though it is way too early to be planning your Spring makeup look, scenes from NYFW seem to indicate that strong brows will continue to be big in the Spring/Summer 2010 as well.

Nowhere was the strong brow trend more prominent than at Hayden-Harnett's Spring 2010 Fashion presentation. For this show, the tarte artistry team created a look "inspired by a nomadic journey through lava fields and desert landscapes" that featured "warm complexions with a strong, geometric brow and soft lip...The eyes remain muted with a major focus on the brows."

To achieve this dramatic look, they used a new tarte product: EmphasEYES for Brows High Definition Brow Pencil ($20). One of the problems with traditional brow pencils that that they are thick, unwieldy and produce obvious-appearing pencil marks that do not blend with the brow hairs. The effect is to proclaim "Look at me! I'm wearing brow pencil!" For this reason, I have been using brow powder as it creates a more subtle appearing. However, tarte emphasEYES for brows has made me re-think brow pencil and I am truly a convert!

First off, the product ingeniously combines a brow pencil and a spooley-style brush. I love when companies consider how people really use products and then try to make things more streamlined and efficient, which emphasEYES for brows clearly does. Not only that, but according to tarte, emphasEYES for brows is four times narrower than the average brow pencil available. I can't verify the four times thing, but it is definitely a very tiny little pencil. This eliminates the thick, obvious pencil marks that plague other brow pencil performance. Instead, the little pencil mimics brow hairs for the most natural effect. A few quick swipes with the emphasEYES for brows pencil followed by a quick brush out with the spooley and you have perfectly groomed brows in under a minute using just one product.

Tarte's emphasEYES for brows pencil is a real winner and I just can't say enough good things about it. My excitement in using it was completely unexpected because I was anticipating just another typical brow pencil, which this one definitely is not. It is thoughtful and ingenious and a good investment for the ongoing strong brow trend. It is available in two colors: Taupe (for blonde, auburn, lighter brown or grey hair) and Medium Brown (for medium to dark brown or black hair) with a price around $20.

Check out the graphic below for more details on how to create the dramatic Hayden-Harnett Spring 2010 look and the photo below for the finished product!

EmphasEYES for Brows is available at Sephora, and


Review: La Mer The Radiant Concealer SPF 25

La Mer, famous for its Miracle-Broth infused Crème, offers many other products for perfecting and correcting the complexion. Recently, they have added The Radiant Concealer with SPF 25 ($65) to the family.
This lightweight cream-to-powder concealer was formulated to instantly camouflage and ease imperfections. Tourmaline and malachite gemstones capture light energy to instantly conceal dark circles and blemishes. The Radiant Concealer SPF 25 optically erases imperfections to create a smooth even finish. A unique polymer mesh technology delivers buildable, diaphanous layers to create a crease-resistant flexible/breathable application. Skin stays naturally flawless all day. Helps protect skin with SPF 25. Available in three scientifically engineered translucent full coverage, skin-perfecting, radiance-enhancing hues: Ivory, Beige and Natural Warm."
I've had the chance to try a sample of The Radiant Concealer and it has several impressive features. First, the consistency is creamy thick, which in my opinion, all good concealers should be. It is the perfect consistency to both cover dark areas and to stay put where it is placed. Concealers that are too runny or liquid smear all over the face in a highly annoying manner. The Radiant Concealer nicely stays in place, making it better than 80% of other concealers out there.

Additionally, although the initial consistency is creamy, it dries to a powder finish on the skin. I appreciate this property because I think it enhances the staying-power. In fact, The Radiant Concealer has some of the very best staying power that I've experienced in my many, many concealer trials. The powder finish might not be the best for ladies with very dry under-eye areas, but those with oily or normal skin should find that it works quite well.

In terms of shades, there are only three colors available all on the pale end of the spectrum and women of color are sadly left out of the offerings altogether. I was sent "Shade 3 Dark" to sample, which was too dark for my complexion, but I used it anyway. Shade 3 definitely has a yellow-based tint which worked very well for hiding blue under-eye circles. I recommend trying the Radiant Concealer at a counter before purchase to ensure the proper match. Blending a little foundation on top of Shade 3 worked to more closely match my skin color. This revealed yet another great feature of the Radiant Concealer: it is very buildable and makes an excellent base for other products. The online reviews mention using it as an eyeshadow primer and I can definitely see this working. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite features -- SPF 25! All under eye concealers should contain some SPF since this area is so fragile and sensitive to sun damage and aging. La Mer apparently agrees with me and managed to stuff some in without any detriment on its ability to conceal. Excellent!

On the whole, I am very much impressed with The Radiant Concealer by La Mer and I recommend trying if it you have been perpetually disappointed by concealers. It is expensive, and so not a product to be bought without consideration. Nevertheless, it manages to solve the many frustrating problems of lesser concealers (runny consistencies, poor staying power, poor blending and no SPF) and emerges a true winner.

La Mer Radiant Concealer and other La Mer products are available at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and


Review: Lisa Hoffman Hand & Foot Butter

Continuing the tour of Lisa Hoffman products, I also have been using the Hand & Foot Butter ($36) from the Spa Bath Collection. The entire collection is numbered just in case you might get confused about which order to use them in:

  1. Bath Soak
  2. Body Wash
  3. Body Polish
  4. Body Cream
  5. Hand & Foot Butter

Already impressed by the Madagascar Orchid fragrance, the Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter is just as beautiful as one would expect. All of the Spa Bath products are scented with Madagascar Orchid. Hand & Foot Butter definitely has a strong fragrance component, so if you prefer your creams a little more neutral, this probably isn't the product for you. I happen to enjoy the Hand & Foot Butter fragrance as it is a welcome alternative to the peppermint that is typically found in foot products. The peppermint is just too strong for my nose at nighttime, but the Hand & Foot Butter is perfectly pleasing and doesn't conflict if you happen to be wearing the Madagascar Orchid bedtime variant.

It has a dense cream consistency and applies beautifully. Although it is called a "butter," it isn't stiff or difficult to spread like some others. Overall, it is very luxurious and soaks in almost immediately without leaving a greasy feel on the skin. As far as moisturizing properties go, it is quite good. Typically I use it before going to bed and sometimes do the whole lotion + white socks trick for extra measure. In the morning, my hands and feet are notably softer. Containing shea butter, acai and grape seed oils for moisturizing and antioxidant protection, the Hand & Foot Butter protects as it perfects. I think it will be perfect for combating inevitably dry winter skin.

The packaging, again, is an exquisite, teal-colored jar with a polished top. It looks very elegant sitting on the night stand. Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter is definitely not on the cheap side of body products, clocking in over $30 on the Lisa Hoffman website. However, it is available from some other online retailers for less than $20. But, on balance, it is beautifully packaged and fragranced and performs amazingly well. For the expense, it definitely doesn't disappoint.


Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

If you haven't seen the ubiquitous Jennifer Connelly ads for Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick ($11) by now, then I guess you don't read magazines at all. In which case, good for you, you probably save a lot of money and trees that way.

Unfortunately for me and the trees, I love magazines and all of their inane glossiness. As a result, I've seen about a million and a half of the Jennifer Connelly Revlon ads and was swayed by their promise of a long-lasting, non-drying lipstick. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Here's what Revlon says about Ultimate Liquid:

Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat
One-step application -- No topcoat required for comfortable wear
Stays comfortable and wears beautifully for up to 12 hours
Does not feather or fade; no touch-ups required, even after meals"
I tried two of the 20 available colors (Perfect Peony and Top Tomato) during my exacting testing process. The biggest test for the Top Tomato was wearing it to a wedding where I ate several courses, drank way too much champagne and got rained on. Top Tomato managed to hold on admirably during these many challenges. Not perfectly, but pretty well. It definitely held up through the first round and some hors d'oeuvres but required a quick touch up after that. I think that 12 hours is definitely a stretch, but even if it lasts 2-3, it is doing better than most other lipsticks.

The consistency is pretty close to liquid, which can make application with the doe-foot applicator a bit tricky. I highly recommend lip liner as the liquid can take off in odd directions otherwise. The thin consistency requires a patient touch with application. This definitely isn't a swipe-and-go product. Another positive feature is that it actually is less drying than other long-wearing lip colors. Revlon promises a "built-in" topcoat to protect again drying. In my experience, the topcoat was pretty good, but not perfect. My lips weren't turned into sandpaper, but the product is less moisturizing than a creamy lipstick or gloss. It dries to a pretty satin finish -- not too shiny or glossy, but not exactly matte either.

I think that, although Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick isn't a perfect product, it is pretty solid and would be an excellent choice for someone looking to find a long-wear option for not much money. The color selection is great and contains many traditional and a few more daring shades. The satin finish is flattering on essentially everyone, making it a good choice for women of many different ages. It's not perfect, but so far, I haven't found anything better.


Glamour Gurlz Inspired FOTD

Although Glamour Gurlz was not without its faults, it did successfully showcase some very cool makeup looks. I have been trying out a few while reviewing the book and today's FOTD is probably my fave. I've been wearing it consistently for the past 4-5 days (when not in Halloween get up) and have not grown tired of it. Schlip described this look as "pulled together" in the book and I really couldn't agree more. It is definitely easy to do, work appropriate and accessible to a wide variety of ages.

The key features are a blue-grey shimmer eye shadow, an apricot cream blush (which is also just soooo on trend) and a caramel lip gloss.

Apologies for the schmutz on my left eye, I didn't notice it till I was already running late from taking too many pics.

Products Used

L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation
tarte The Eraser under eye concealer

By Lauren Luke Antique Pewter eye shadow
Cover Girl Lash Blast Length mascara
MAC Technakohl Liner in GraphBlack (for tight-lining)

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cream Blush in Sunrise

Senna Lip Lacquer in Sugar Baby

It has been taking me a bit longer to get ready because I've been dealing with some blemishes recently. But, on a good day, this look could easily come together in 6-8 minutes.


Sniffer Report: Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid

Lisa Hoffman has a doctorate degree in law, is married to actor Dustin Hoffman and is raising six kids. Somehow in all of this she managed to design and develop a luxury line of bath products, skincare and fragrances that have done nothing but garner praise and awards since being released in 2007. Two of her unique fragrances, Madagascar Orchid and Japanese Agarwood, were selected as finalists for the prestigious Fragrance of the Year Award 2009.

When a sample of Madagascar Orchid ($95) showed up on my doorstep, I couldn't wait to get sniffing! Each of Hoffman's fragrances come as a four piece set with variations on the core fragrance theme. The variations are intended for different times during the day: morning, daytime, evening, bedtime. They are all packaged in an elegant leather case with individual pockets and the whole thing comes in a classy embossed box. The entire package is exquisite.

But the presentation is only a small part of this beautiful, beautiful fragrance. As mentioned, the four variations can be used alone or layered throughout the day. As Hoffman describes,
The Morning Variant is light and refreshing, subtly scented so as not to overwhelm the morning nose. The Daytime Variant is rich and dimensional for when women are art their peak activity. The Evening Variant is deep and sensual to accompany a night out on the town or a romantic evening at home. And, the Bedtime Variant is gentle, powdery and softly subliminal when the nose is at rest."
In Madagascar Orchid, the flowery and powdery notes evoke the gentle sensuality of the orchid flower. With base notes of sheer jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa and pink peony, each variant builds on the next as the scents gently evolve, becoming richer and more complex as the day progresses. The morning variant is very soft, inoffensive and is the most powdery to my nose. The daytime variant features more pronounced floral notes. The evening version turns more sweetly sensual and adds a hint of spiciness. The bedtime version I happen to particularly enjoy because I love putting on a little perfume before bed. This one is especially suitable because it is mellow and comforting, recalling the entire olfactory journey of that day.

Each variant comes in an oily solution and is applied by a roller ball mechanism. The staying power is actually above average for me (I think my skin "eats" fragrance in some weird way) and remnants of the prior scent are still present when it is time to apply the next.

Overall, I am pretty much in love with Lisa Hoffman and Madagascar Orchid. I love the idea, the execution and the evolving fragrance itself. The whole thing is just incredibly sophisticated, chic and yet fun at the same time. I would not hesitate to try any of Hoffman's other scents. Although Madagascar Orchid and the others run a bit on the expensive side, it would make a truly elegant gift for someone this coming holiday season. Or for oneself during any season!



Halloween as The Grey Lady -- a jilted bride who died of a broken heart and now is said to haunt several castles in the U.K. She is also a fixture as the patron ghost for Ravenclaw House in the Harry Potter series. I got the idea from the Martha Stewart Halloween special issue, so I can't claim any big originality on this one. But, I had fun putting it together.

Especially the makeup! I modeled my technique on Lauren Luke's Raggedy Ann/Vampire look. Even better, I didn't buy any new product except the white face paint to create this look! The products I used included:

DHC Velvet Skin Coat: primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion: eyelid primer
Bare Minerals Sex Kitten Eye Shadow
By Lauren Luke Twilight Ash Eye Shadow
MAC Penultimate Eye Liner
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara
By Lauren Luke Antique Pewter Eye Shadow (used as blush for that lovely sunken cheek)
Tarte EmphasEYES Brow Pencil
Max Factor Pin Up Pink Lipstick and coordinating Lip Pencil
Ben Nye Oil Based White Face Paint

Sorry I didn't get any better close up shots. But, you get the general idea.
And if anyone has a use for 2 yards of grey lace and 10 yards of gently used grey tulle, please let me know.


Note on FTC Disclosure Guidelines

You may have heard that the FTC has recently gotten interested in blogs. So much so that they put out Guidelines with regard to relationships between bloggers and the companies of products that blogs sometimes write about.

What this effectively means for The Beauty Couch is that I need to more formally disclose what I purchased myself and when I received a free sample from a company to review. Overwhelmingly, most of the products that I review were purchased by myself. This will continue to be the case. Occasionally companies will contact me about trying a sample of one of their products and reviewing it. If I accept, I never guarantee that I will write a review or a positive review. Please be assured that when I do rave about things that I absolutely love, it is my honest opinion, whether or not I got the product for free. If I got a product for free and did not like it, I am unlikely to write about it at all.

But, in the interest of transparency, you will now see little graphics at the bottom of my posts indicating where the product came from. They will look like this:
I feel that this is fairly self explanatory and an honest way to approach this issue. I still think it is wildly inconsistent that bloggers are being made to conform to transparency rules but magazine editors are inundated with oodles of swag on a daily basis (not only products, but store credit, deluxe event invites and so much more) and do not have to disclose any of those relationships (or their ties to their advertisers) in their publications. But, whatever.

If you have questions about the guidelines or my disclosures, please let me know. I am happy to answer any questions or clarify the issue as need be.

OK! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...


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