Fun Hair Finds

Last month I reported on some cool hair accessories that my obsessive internet-ing had turned up. It would appear that trendy, fun hair things are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Currently, I am obsessed with these Bumble & Bumble Buttonbands ($15). I saw them at the salon and (feigning admirable amounts of restraint) passed on the impulse buy. Subsequently, I've been regretting that choice ever since. Honestly, how cute is the indigo-trimmed ocean blue color? Or the violet-trimmed black with their little coordinating button details? The answer: freaking adorable. Plus, they are designed to be used alone or as a base for wildly creative embellishment. Watch the video to see an impressive amount of creativity inspired by these little guys.

Anthropologie often has very beautiful hair accessories. Unfortunately, they often run in the really ridiculous $30-50 range. However, the very pretty Teavaro Headband comes in at less than $20. Delicate clusters of black pearls nestling on distressed chiffon petals strike that perfect balance of polished but unfussy. The subdued blue palette would be very pretty on all hair colors.

I've been completely obsessed with the etsy shop, Jessie Beans, since randomly meeting the owner/creator at a local fabric store. She was wearing one of her creations and, when I complimented it, she gave me the address for the website. Unlike most of Anthropologie's offerings, Jessie Beans' amazing hair accessories are sold at ridiculously affordable prices. This one, with white ostrich feathers ($20) was exactly the kind of thing I searched for (unsuccessfully) for my wedding. But, even if formal nuptials are not on the agenda, she has plenty other offerings with intricate beading, beautiful pendant cameos and even more feathers. All are individually made by hand and perfectly executed without being overly done or cheesy. They are as beautiful, or even more so, than many Anthropologie hair accessories at 1/3-1/2 the price. Whether ornate or quietly simple, Jessie Beans' headbands have the added bonus of being completely one of a kind and unique. And how can you put a price on originality?



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