Glamorous Gifts: Benefit Holiday Exclusives

I was trying to hold off posting about holiday beauty gifts until after Thanksgiving. Now that has passed, however, I'm about ready to burst with excitement over some of the amazing kits and deals that are out there. There are so many things to mention, it's kind of ridiculous.

For any Benefit-lovin' ladies out there, you simply must check out the amazing holiday kits they have put together this year. They would make some much-appreciated gifts, but I would honestly find it hard to part with any of them once they were in my tight little clutches! See for yourself and tell me that I'm wrong...

The Ford sisters have a way of creating blushes that seem to instantly become cult classics. Even people who aren't that into blush will be familiar with the virtues of Dandelion, Hoola and 10. Personally, I adore Benefit blush/bronzers, but at $28 bucks a pop, they definitely don't work their way into the budget very often. So imagine my thrill when I came across the Powderazzi Holiday Kit ($30) which contains three of Benefit's most beloved cheek shades: Hoola, Coralista and Dallas. They aren't full-sized portions, obviously, but with the high-quality pigmentation that is a signature of these colors, it won't take much to able to enjoy these warm and glowing complexion-enhancers for years to come!

Gloss enthusiasts will be glad to know that Benefit has not left them out in the cold for the holidays. The Glitz, Glam & Gloss Kit ($26) contains six of Benefit's most popular glosses in one fantastic kit. Each is a double-ended gloss/applicator that provides two beautiful colors in one easy to carry tube. Go from day to night without filling up your bag with separate lip color shades. Shades include:

Friends in High Places (sparkling raspberry)
Kiss You (clear fuchsia)
Almost Famous (copper penny
Zone Out (golden nude)
I’m With the Band (golden pink shimmer)
Fresh-Squeezed (pink grapefruit)

Mix, match, layer and love! There is no end to the fun to be had with this handy little limited edition set.

Lastly, we have a some store-exclusives that are just the most incredible values. The Benefit Love Your Look Lipstick Trios ($18) give you three of Benefit's beautifully saturated and rich lipstick colors for less than twenty dollars! Buying three of these separately would cost over $50, so this is a true bargain.

The colors vary according to which store exclusive you are purchasing. The Ulta exclusive contains three creamy neutrals best suited for warmer skin tones:

  • Finders Keepers -- full finish warm cinnabar
  • La La Land -- full finish nude rose
  • Sugar Rush -- silky finish spicy caramel

The Sephora exclusive contains pink, raspberry and plum shades for cooler skin shades:

  • Do Tell -- full finish pink blossom
  • No Competition -- full finish heathered plum
  • On the Sly -- full finish raspberry truffle
The Benefit Full Finish lipsticks are some of my absolute favorites, so I am definitely not going to pass up on the opportunity to get three for the price of one! For a really economical option, break up the kit and give one fabulous lippie to each of three friends. They will feel completely glamorous and you won't feel like you are breaking the bank!



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