Note on FTC Disclosure Guidelines

You may have heard that the FTC has recently gotten interested in blogs. So much so that they put out Guidelines with regard to relationships between bloggers and the companies of products that blogs sometimes write about.

What this effectively means for The Beauty Couch is that I need to more formally disclose what I purchased myself and when I received a free sample from a company to review. Overwhelmingly, most of the products that I review were purchased by myself. This will continue to be the case. Occasionally companies will contact me about trying a sample of one of their products and reviewing it. If I accept, I never guarantee that I will write a review or a positive review. Please be assured that when I do rave about things that I absolutely love, it is my honest opinion, whether or not I got the product for free. If I got a product for free and did not like it, I am unlikely to write about it at all.

But, in the interest of transparency, you will now see little graphics at the bottom of my posts indicating where the product came from. They will look like this:
I feel that this is fairly self explanatory and an honest way to approach this issue. I still think it is wildly inconsistent that bloggers are being made to conform to transparency rules but magazine editors are inundated with oodles of swag on a daily basis (not only products, but store credit, deluxe event invites and so much more) and do not have to disclose any of those relationships (or their ties to their advertisers) in their publications. But, whatever.

If you have questions about the guidelines or my disclosures, please let me know. I am happy to answer any questions or clarify the issue as need be.

OK! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...



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