Product Lust: Holiday Fragrance Rings

Sorry for being M.I.A. for a few days, I was out of town at a (non-beauty-related) conference. It was great and the plane trip provided lots of time for magazine reading. That, in turn, inevitably lead to stimulation of massive amounts of product lust.

Everywhere I look I'm seeing gorgeous fragrance rings all ready for gift-giving. These cool little deals are over-sized, campy and sure to draw attention on their own. But, the secret is that inside they contain some very nice solid perfume already on-hand for a mid-party touch up. If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive, very cool gift for a girl pal this holiday season, then definitely consider checking some of these out. I am in love with the Michael Kors Very Hollywood ($40) version shown at the top left.

For a walk on the wilder side, there is the Kat Von D Solid Perfume Ring ($30) featuring a Gothic gunmetal flower. It comes with both of her signature scents, Saint and Sinner, in interchangeable pans. That way, you can decide which persona to adopt prior to a night on the town. Whichever one is ultimately chosen, the ring itself is sure to compliment any number of sparkly holiday ensembles.

For a similar, but cheaper, effect there is the mark Holidays Rock Solid Fragrance Ring ($18). It has a platinum metallic shade and contains the favorite floral-vanilla Rebel Rose fragrance. While we're on the subject, these rings are also a perfect way to try a new fragrance without committing to purchasing a whole bottle.

There are many more out there -- including the Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring ($42) that is just a bit too gaudy for my taste. But whether your taste falls more toward Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors, a perfume ring is sure to be a solid hit.



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