Review: La Mer The Radiant Concealer SPF 25

La Mer, famous for its Miracle-Broth infused Crème, offers many other products for perfecting and correcting the complexion. Recently, they have added The Radiant Concealer with SPF 25 ($65) to the family.
This lightweight cream-to-powder concealer was formulated to instantly camouflage and ease imperfections. Tourmaline and malachite gemstones capture light energy to instantly conceal dark circles and blemishes. The Radiant Concealer SPF 25 optically erases imperfections to create a smooth even finish. A unique polymer mesh technology delivers buildable, diaphanous layers to create a crease-resistant flexible/breathable application. Skin stays naturally flawless all day. Helps protect skin with SPF 25. Available in three scientifically engineered translucent full coverage, skin-perfecting, radiance-enhancing hues: Ivory, Beige and Natural Warm."
I've had the chance to try a sample of The Radiant Concealer and it has several impressive features. First, the consistency is creamy thick, which in my opinion, all good concealers should be. It is the perfect consistency to both cover dark areas and to stay put where it is placed. Concealers that are too runny or liquid smear all over the face in a highly annoying manner. The Radiant Concealer nicely stays in place, making it better than 80% of other concealers out there.

Additionally, although the initial consistency is creamy, it dries to a powder finish on the skin. I appreciate this property because I think it enhances the staying-power. In fact, The Radiant Concealer has some of the very best staying power that I've experienced in my many, many concealer trials. The powder finish might not be the best for ladies with very dry under-eye areas, but those with oily or normal skin should find that it works quite well.

In terms of shades, there are only three colors available all on the pale end of the spectrum and women of color are sadly left out of the offerings altogether. I was sent "Shade 3 Dark" to sample, which was too dark for my complexion, but I used it anyway. Shade 3 definitely has a yellow-based tint which worked very well for hiding blue under-eye circles. I recommend trying the Radiant Concealer at a counter before purchase to ensure the proper match. Blending a little foundation on top of Shade 3 worked to more closely match my skin color. This revealed yet another great feature of the Radiant Concealer: it is very buildable and makes an excellent base for other products. The online reviews mention using it as an eyeshadow primer and I can definitely see this working. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite features -- SPF 25! All under eye concealers should contain some SPF since this area is so fragile and sensitive to sun damage and aging. La Mer apparently agrees with me and managed to stuff some in without any detriment on its ability to conceal. Excellent!

On the whole, I am very much impressed with The Radiant Concealer by La Mer and I recommend trying if it you have been perpetually disappointed by concealers. It is expensive, and so not a product to be bought without consideration. Nevertheless, it manages to solve the many frustrating problems of lesser concealers (runny consistencies, poor staying power, poor blending and no SPF) and emerges a true winner.

La Mer Radiant Concealer and other La Mer products are available at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and



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