Review: Lisa Hoffman Hand & Foot Butter

Continuing the tour of Lisa Hoffman products, I also have been using the Hand & Foot Butter ($36) from the Spa Bath Collection. The entire collection is numbered just in case you might get confused about which order to use them in:

  1. Bath Soak
  2. Body Wash
  3. Body Polish
  4. Body Cream
  5. Hand & Foot Butter

Already impressed by the Madagascar Orchid fragrance, the Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter is just as beautiful as one would expect. All of the Spa Bath products are scented with Madagascar Orchid. Hand & Foot Butter definitely has a strong fragrance component, so if you prefer your creams a little more neutral, this probably isn't the product for you. I happen to enjoy the Hand & Foot Butter fragrance as it is a welcome alternative to the peppermint that is typically found in foot products. The peppermint is just too strong for my nose at nighttime, but the Hand & Foot Butter is perfectly pleasing and doesn't conflict if you happen to be wearing the Madagascar Orchid bedtime variant.

It has a dense cream consistency and applies beautifully. Although it is called a "butter," it isn't stiff or difficult to spread like some others. Overall, it is very luxurious and soaks in almost immediately without leaving a greasy feel on the skin. As far as moisturizing properties go, it is quite good. Typically I use it before going to bed and sometimes do the whole lotion + white socks trick for extra measure. In the morning, my hands and feet are notably softer. Containing shea butter, acai and grape seed oils for moisturizing and antioxidant protection, the Hand & Foot Butter protects as it perfects. I think it will be perfect for combating inevitably dry winter skin.

The packaging, again, is an exquisite, teal-colored jar with a polished top. It looks very elegant sitting on the night stand. Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter is definitely not on the cheap side of body products, clocking in over $30 on the Lisa Hoffman website. However, it is available from some other online retailers for less than $20. But, on balance, it is beautifully packaged and fragranced and performs amazingly well. For the expense, it definitely doesn't disappoint.



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