Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

If you haven't seen the ubiquitous Jennifer Connelly ads for Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick ($11) by now, then I guess you don't read magazines at all. In which case, good for you, you probably save a lot of money and trees that way.

Unfortunately for me and the trees, I love magazines and all of their inane glossiness. As a result, I've seen about a million and a half of the Jennifer Connelly Revlon ads and was swayed by their promise of a long-lasting, non-drying lipstick. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Here's what Revlon says about Ultimate Liquid:

Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat
One-step application -- No topcoat required for comfortable wear
Stays comfortable and wears beautifully for up to 12 hours
Does not feather or fade; no touch-ups required, even after meals"
I tried two of the 20 available colors (Perfect Peony and Top Tomato) during my exacting testing process. The biggest test for the Top Tomato was wearing it to a wedding where I ate several courses, drank way too much champagne and got rained on. Top Tomato managed to hold on admirably during these many challenges. Not perfectly, but pretty well. It definitely held up through the first round and some hors d'oeuvres but required a quick touch up after that. I think that 12 hours is definitely a stretch, but even if it lasts 2-3, it is doing better than most other lipsticks.

The consistency is pretty close to liquid, which can make application with the doe-foot applicator a bit tricky. I highly recommend lip liner as the liquid can take off in odd directions otherwise. The thin consistency requires a patient touch with application. This definitely isn't a swipe-and-go product. Another positive feature is that it actually is less drying than other long-wearing lip colors. Revlon promises a "built-in" topcoat to protect again drying. In my experience, the topcoat was pretty good, but not perfect. My lips weren't turned into sandpaper, but the product is less moisturizing than a creamy lipstick or gloss. It dries to a pretty satin finish -- not too shiny or glossy, but not exactly matte either.

I think that, although Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick isn't a perfect product, it is pretty solid and would be an excellent choice for someone looking to find a long-wear option for not much money. The color selection is great and contains many traditional and a few more daring shades. The satin finish is flattering on essentially everyone, making it a good choice for women of many different ages. It's not perfect, but so far, I haven't found anything better.



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