Trend Report: Defined Brows with Tarte EmphasEYES for Brows

Darkly defined brows are a clearly established trend for Fall/Winter 2009/10. Even though it is way too early to be planning your Spring makeup look, scenes from NYFW seem to indicate that strong brows will continue to be big in the Spring/Summer 2010 as well.

Nowhere was the strong brow trend more prominent than at Hayden-Harnett's Spring 2010 Fashion presentation. For this show, the tarte artistry team created a look "inspired by a nomadic journey through lava fields and desert landscapes" that featured "warm complexions with a strong, geometric brow and soft lip...The eyes remain muted with a major focus on the brows."

To achieve this dramatic look, they used a new tarte product: EmphasEYES for Brows High Definition Brow Pencil ($20). One of the problems with traditional brow pencils that that they are thick, unwieldy and produce obvious-appearing pencil marks that do not blend with the brow hairs. The effect is to proclaim "Look at me! I'm wearing brow pencil!" For this reason, I have been using brow powder as it creates a more subtle appearing. However, tarte emphasEYES for brows has made me re-think brow pencil and I am truly a convert!

First off, the product ingeniously combines a brow pencil and a spooley-style brush. I love when companies consider how people really use products and then try to make things more streamlined and efficient, which emphasEYES for brows clearly does. Not only that, but according to tarte, emphasEYES for brows is four times narrower than the average brow pencil available. I can't verify the four times thing, but it is definitely a very tiny little pencil. This eliminates the thick, obvious pencil marks that plague other brow pencil performance. Instead, the little pencil mimics brow hairs for the most natural effect. A few quick swipes with the emphasEYES for brows pencil followed by a quick brush out with the spooley and you have perfectly groomed brows in under a minute using just one product.

Tarte's emphasEYES for brows pencil is a real winner and I just can't say enough good things about it. My excitement in using it was completely unexpected because I was anticipating just another typical brow pencil, which this one definitely is not. It is thoughtful and ingenious and a good investment for the ongoing strong brow trend. It is available in two colors: Taupe (for blonde, auburn, lighter brown or grey hair) and Medium Brown (for medium to dark brown or black hair) with a price around $20.

Check out the graphic below for more details on how to create the dramatic Hayden-Harnett Spring 2010 look and the photo below for the finished product!

EmphasEYES for Brows is available at Sephora, and



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