Worst Product Ever: Andrea Naturals Body Wax

It is not often that I run into a product that is truly egregiously disappointing, but my experience with Andrea Naturals Body Wax was a new low. My favorite products for home waxing are made by Parissa, but these can unfortunately be hard to find. Because I was 1) pressed for time and 2) desperately needing to take care of business before a romantic date last Saturday, I reached for Andrea Naturals Body Wax with Pomegranate and Cranberry ($11) at the local drugstore.

The experience was pretty much horrible from start to finish. First off, the wax didn't smell very good when it was warmed up -- a plastic-y odor that did not suggest pomegranate or cranberry. But the real problem came with execution. The wax is designed to be used without cloth strips. Ideally, the wax is spread on in a small area, let to cool briefly and then pulled off while still pliant.

Following the directions to the letter, what ensued was a complete catastrophe. The wax certainly did not pull up nicely in a neat little strip; in fact, it hardly came off at all! I pulled and pulled and really could not get it off my skin! It was crazy! The directions suggest using some baby oil or petroleum jelly to remove stray pits of sticky wax, but even this was ineffective and a complete mess. Ultimately, I was able to get all the wax off, but I essentially had to pick every little piece off individually (and scrape some of it off with a razor blade! Fact!).

To add insult to injury, hardly any hair was removed and my leg ended up tender and bruised. It has been sore for the past several days, reminding me of how mad I am about the whole thing every time I try to cross my leg. I'm going to try to return Andrea Naturals Body Wax to the drugstore from whence it came, but I was so irritated that I felt it was only fair to warn others about it. It makes me angry that a really miserable product like this kicks around probably only because it bills itself as a "natural" alternative to other waxes. Natural or not, I will not be trying any more Andrea Naturals products.



jupiter said...

I have tired the no strips needed Andrea Naturals product. It was very disappointing and also found it hard to get it off my skin-and oil did not help at al. However, I love their regular wax, the one that comes with the strips. It works GREAT.

March 20, 2010 at 1:12 PM

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