Get a Perfect Nude Lip with tarte 24/7 Lip Sheers

Everyone loves smokey eyes for this time of year and they are such a perpetual trend that I kind of get tired of hearing myself mention it so often. But, there you go.  One of the problems with the smokey eye is how to compliment the bold look with the rest of your makeup.  Seen in magazines and on runways everywhere, conventional wisdom hold that you always pair a smokey eye with a nude lip.  Sounds simple, right?  How hard could it be to find the perfect nude lip?

Turns out, the answer is plenty and I have an arsenal of failed potential nudes in my stash to prove it.  Either the "nude" lip color ends up being essentially no color at all or it is too pale and makes you look completely washed out and weird. I think the ideal nude lip is one that is sheer, coordinates with your natural lip color and has just enough of a glossy-shimmery finish not to look completely flat.

The tarte 24/7 Natural Lip Sheers with SPF 15 ($14) come pretty darn close to being perfect. Featured in the Spring 2010 Hayden-Harnett fashion show (to balance out the strong brow), these lip sheers combine the moisturizing properties of a balm with the lasting color of a lipstick and the satiny shine of a gloss. In my opinion, the end result is a complete winner.  I've had the opportunity to try out several of these sheers and they have quickly made their way into regular rotation.

The colors Champagne Brunch (sheer nude) and Spring Fling (sheer peachy-pink) were used in the Hayden-Harnett show.  Here are some swatches (from L --> R, Champagne Brunch, Spring Fling and Friday):

Friday is a sheer berry and not suitable for a nude look. But, I happened to have it so I figured I'd just swatch it for reference.  In terms of the perfect nude lip, Spring Fling would be better if your lips are naturally more pink in color while Champagne Brunch would be a good match for those with peach/golden undertones. All of the lip sheers provide the perfect amount of coverage to compliment deep, smokey eyes or just to pull off a day-to-day au naturale look. In addition to that they are petro-chemical, paraben and phthtalate-free and are packaged in recycled materials to reduce waste. All in all, these lip sheers are fun, easy and pretty. I love them and definitely recommend a trial.



Corinna B said...

fabulous! I'm going to go check them out.

December 16, 2009 at 8:15 AM
Kyl said...

Hi Corinna:

Thx for the comment and let me know what you think of them!
December 16, 2009 at 8:59 PM

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