Glamorous Gifts: For the Guys

They may deny it, but there is a certain amount of grooming that any respectable man engages in on a daily basis. It may only be teeth-brushing in the most extreme minimalist, but I'm guessing that shaving products, deodorant and body wash are involved for most of them at a minimum. Additionally, most are fairly disinterested in finding the best product available for their particular hair/skin/shaving needs.

This is something that we can help with, especially as the holidays provide an easy excuse.  Last year, I got my husband the Anthony Logistics Perfect Shave Kit ($50). He has pretty sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving, but since using this kit, I've noticed much less razor burn and general inflammation.  I tried to drag some a more detailed review out of him, but all he'd say was that he liked it.  In particular, the Shave Cream is his favorite and he even requested more when he ran out a few months ago!  So I highly recommend this kit if you are interested in helping a man in your life treat his face to some kinder, gentler products. There is also the Anthony Logistics Essentials Starter Kit ($40) which is a little bit cheaper and doesn't include the travel bag and towel.

For an easy multi-tasking product, C.O. Bigelow makes a line of Hair and Body Wash Elixirs ($10).  These are great because they not only smell fantastic, but they present a streamlined approach to grooming that most men appreciate. Plus, they are easy to just throw in the gym bag and take along.  They come in four varieties that all smell great.  The woodsy Elixir Green and the clean, herb-infused musky Elixir Blue are my two favorite and seem to be the preferred varieties for younger men.  The Elixir Red has a richer and more heady sandalwood scent while Elixir Black is more exotic and earthy. With a luxurious lather, they clean just as nicely as they smell. These are perfect for the guy who isn't into cologne or strong scents. They leave just enough of the sexy scents to be notable, but never over-powering. They also fit quite nicely into a stocking.

For a man that is into cologne (or who would like to be), Sephora is once again offering their Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Him ($50) this year.  These kits are so much fun because, in addition to containing twelve deluxe-sized samples of some of their most popular fragrances, each kit also comes with a voucher that can be redeemed for a full sized version of his favorite one. This year, the kit contains the following fragrances: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme, Diesel Fuel For Life Men, Juicy Couture Dirty English, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme, Givenchy Play, Lacoste Challenge, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, Giorgio Armani Code Men, Prada Amber Pour Homme, and L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent.  It also comes with a fragrance guide and a 1oz sample of the Anthony Logistics For Men Shave Cream -- everyone must love that stuff! 

In my experience, it is pretty challenging to get most men interested in skincare. They just don't see sun exposure, signs of aging or visible pores to be real problems. I can appreciate their non-obsessive perspective on this, but they could all stand to learn a thing or two about photo-damage from Robert Redford.  One of my favorite skincare brands, DHC, offers a small line of products for men including a Scrub Face Wash($14), a Face Cream and an After-Shave Lotion. If they are consistent with the rest of the DHC catalogue, you can expect them to be fragrance-free and an excellent value.

Other good beauty and grooming stocking-stuffer ideas include:
  • a tube of his favorite deodorant
  • a pack of razors (just be sure to get the right kind!)
  • a new toothbrush and a travel-sized mouthwash
  • lip balm (Jack Black, Kiehls #1 and Neutrogena have gender-neutral offerings),
  • eyeglass cleaner and a lint-free cloth
  • fluffy face towel or plush wash cloth
  • nail clippers
  • brow grooming kit
  • gift certificate for a massage

There are many more body and skincare products for men, but these are just a few highlights to get the ideas started!



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