Holiday Haul

It is always disappointing to go back to work after a long holiday weekend.  No matter how much you love your job, nothing really beats loafing around the house, eating too much candy and baked goods for days on end.  It might not be the world's healthiest thing to do, but I sure love it. It occurs to me, however, that loafing around the house on a long weekend is only fun because it is a departure from the usual routine. If loafing around was the usual routine, then maybe it wouldn't be fun at all.

Putting all of that aside, I do have some fun beauty related holiday gifts to enjoy as I re-enter the working world. I just have to share some of my amazing beauty-related gifts because I am just so psyched about all of them.

I was seriously lusting after the Philosophy The Winter Escape collection and was so happy to find it under the tree. The Melting Marshmallow body souffle is just as moisturizing and softening as I expected. Honestly, my hands are ridiculously smooth after using it. The accompanying Lip Shine is also delicious and super-duper shiny. It is way fun.  Lastly, the Peppermint Hot Cocoa shower gel smells exactly like one would expect and has the luxurious, foamy formula that I've come to expect from Philosophy. I will be undoubtedly be using these until they are completely empty!

I'm also really excited to try out my new H2O Plus Lemon Lust Bath Gel. I've seen this brand in the stores many times but have never actually taken anything home. Knowing my penchant for anything lemon scented, a dear friend wisely picked up this extremely lemon-y bath gel. The scent is bright and gorgeous and will be perfect for waking me up on these dark winter mornings.

If you don't have one of these little hair turbans yet, then you are seriously missing out. They are so handy and will save so much post-shower frustration. Since my preferred towels are quite thick and plush, they end up being pretty darn bulky to use as a makeshift turban the way we girls do. I would be forever wrapping and re-wrapping my wet head, all the while trying to get dressed and do the other thousand things I'm usually trying to do in the morning. The Lucy Locks hair turban (or similar varieties) solves this problem. With a special button and loop closing mechanism, the turban amazingly stays in place.  Plus, it's the perfect size and not bulky or unwieldy at all.  I've used these several times in the past and I am so thrilled to have one of my very own (in pink, no less!).

Lastly, the most gorgeous gift of all came from my dear husband who got me the Miss Dior Cherie Gift Set. I am absolutely in love with this and I've been trying really hard not to spray it on five or six times a day. The scent is so fresh, bright and youthful that it is just fun to put on. It also reminds me of springtime which is pretty nice right about now.

So, those are my highlights!  How was your holiday haul?  Everything you hoped it would be?  I certainly hope so!



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