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Celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan helped us out with some styling tips using Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly collection a while back.  Now, he is letting us in on a few styling tips to create hot holiday hair looks. Being the resident star stylist for Herbal Essences, he recommends creates these looks using HE products, but I'd be willing to bet that your favorite volumizing or texture creating products will work just as well.

Voluminous Half-Up Style --  As seen here on actress Kate Mara, a half-up look is a style any girl can achieve and a beautiful way to open up the face. It's also a perfect complement to a strapless dress.
Spring 2007 - Around Smashbox - Day 2

1.  After washing, apply Body Envy Mousse to sopping wet hair for more even distribution.
2.  Separate hair into large sections, twisting each section. Flip hair over and use a diffuse to boost the natural volume at the roots, embracing the natural texture of the hair.
3.  Create even more volume than you think is necessary, as this will help to hold the hair throughout the night. To keep the volume from falling throughout the night, use a volumizing hair spray like Body Envy Hairspray to set the style.
4.  Backcomb the top layer, concentrating fromt he ears to the rise of the head to create more volume for additional hold.
5.  Control the height of the hair by pulling sections back from the ears to the back of the head, securing by criss-crossing bobby pins. Pull the section back from the other side of the head, covering the first side's pins.
6.  Pull the top section of the hair back, keeping the volume at the back of the head, and secure with a hairpin to conceal the bobby-pins.

Tousled Messy Braid -- This is as fun holiday look that is styled without being overdone. It is perfect for girls with curly to even mildly wavy hair or anyone who wants to embrace their natural texture. Rachel McAdams was sporting this style at the London premiere of Sherlock Holmes (as well as some killer red lips). Kristen Bell wore an elaborate version of the messy braid to a recent premiere as well.
Sherlock Holmes - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

1.  After washing, build body by flipping hair upside down, using either the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel for finer hair or Tousle Me Softly Mousse for thick hair, scrunching product throughout the hair. Use a diffuse to dry hair, creating texture.
2.  Once dry, leave the front strands loose, especially face framing layers/bangs.
3.  Either pull hair straight back or create a side part. gather hair to one side of the head and begin a loose, low French braid.
4.  Allow the braid to remain loose, embracing any pieces that fall out, giving the hair more texture.
5.  Leaving the last few inches of hair unbraided, secure the braid with a hair elastic and pink the hair under at the nape of the neck, hiding the end of the braid under your hair.
6.  Backcomb the loose, face framing pieces, and loosely pin them back into the hair, creating more volume and texture.
7.  For a more polished twist for a work party or holiday wedding, wrap the braid into a chignon rather than tucking the ends in, embracing the loose texture for a perfectly imperfect, ethereal holiday style. Feel free to accessorize!



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