MAC Attack: Warm & Cozy

M∙A∙C had some truly lovely holiday sets on offer, but thankfully I've saved my pennies because the just-released Warm & Cozy Collection is amazing. Warm & Cozy aims to celebrate the post-holiday return of the everyday neutral makeup. M∙A∙C is brilliant for releasing this collection just as many people are facing down the coldest days of Winter. Who wouldn't love to cuddle up next to a fire with your favorite person, basking in the ever-flattering glow?
"A fireside fantasy far from the maddening crowd is undeniably appealing. Seek refuge in the warmth, the glow of skin rosy with Refined Golden Mineralize Skinfinish, Shadesticks in Cuddle, Nurture and Snuggle shades, cozy as a mug of cocoa on a bearskin rug. Curl up with the cashmere kiss of Warm Me Up Lipstick or Light That Fire! Lipglass...Like being in a majestic lodge surrounded by all of life’s real comforts. Natural beauty, the way M∙A∙C makes it modern…Like going on retreat and communing with nature, it’s an earthly way to bring back what the city takes away, and a sensual solution to make life simple, but luxurious. Winter beauty begins here."
The only thing that could improve that contented picture would be a Snuggie/Slanket or some such backwards bathrobe, over-sized fleece thing. I'm only half-kidding here. While the model in the top picture looks awfully pretty with perfect au naturale makeup, she also looks naked and cold.  A Slanket would do her a world of good.  At least this one is wearing a sweater... kind of. 

Anyway, should we discuss the actual makeup? 

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea because the entire collection looks to be a display of impeccable neutrality. The complete collection boasts lipstick, gloss, lip conditioner and balm, pressed eyeshadow, eyeshadow sticks, Mineralize face powder, some nail colors, a Mineralize face and body lotion and a few essential oil mixes thrown in for good measure.  I'm mostly interested in the lip and eye products and you will see why below...

Lipstick ($14)
  • Spiced Tea:  Warm bronzed brown
  • Siss:  Muted golden beige
  • Warm Me Up: Creamy mid-tone neutral pink
I will definitely be checking out Warm Me Up because I love nothing more than a neutral pink and I am forever on a quest to find a lipstick that is the exact match of NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer. So if anyone has suggestions on that front, please leave a comment!

Lipglass ($14)
  • 2N:  Creamy neutral yellow pink
  • Feeling Dreamy:  Pale neutral pink with pink pearl
  • 3N:  Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
  • Light That Fire!:  Mid-tone burnt coral with pearl 
Any and all of these could be really fantastic on a wide variety of skin tones. I would probably veer more toward the pinks away from the bronze-y shades, but yellow or olive tones would look amazing in those.

Shadestick ($17)
  • Cuddle: Frosted light golden yellow
  • Nurture: Frosted pale neutral pink beige
  • Warm & Cozy: Frosted burnt amber with red and gold pearlized pigments
  • Relaxed: Frosted dark chocolate brown
These are intriguing. Cuddle looks to be an excellent candidate for highlighting around the eyes. The deep brown of Warm & Cozy will be amazing on blue and green eyes.

The entire Warm & Cozy collection is available now online and in stores. If you want to try to "pre-shop," then check out Temptalia's extensive swatching of this collection. Even if this collection doesn't light your fire, I still stand by that Snuggie/Slanket suggestion.  Stay cozy!



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