Review: Cover Girl Lash Blast Length

Back in August, Cover Girl launched the newest addition to their line of mascaras, Last Blast Length ($7).  A sister product to their popular, original Lash Blast Volumizing mascaras,  Lash Blast Length promises to give wearers their "longest lashes yet." 

Contained in a narrow tube with spunky yellow coloring,  Lash Blast Length features a thin, skinny wand and a new "Elasta-Nylon™ formula" that supposedly provides flexible, but flake-free hold.  Compared with no mascara at all, it claims that the brush + formula combo will give users an "80% longer lash look." 

Although my initial reaction to this product's claims was Well, we'll see about that, I have to admit that I am completely impressed with its performance. I really love the re-design of the Lash Blast packaging and I even like the wand. I have issues with the fat orange tube of the original Lash Blast because it takes up a ridiculous amount of space in my makeup drawer. Space is limited in my world, so anything that is more streamlined is good by me! Seriously, for that reason only, I would buy Lash Blast Length again.

But other than the package, I found there to be real advantages to the long, thin wand. Firstly, it picks up less product than other wands and so doesn't require any messy wiping of the brush on a tissue to remove excess. This always seemed like a waste of expensive product to me, so I am completely on board with the less greedy wand. Secondly, the short bristles make the mascara easy to apply and even easier to reach every last lash. The reduced amount of product combined with the short bristles, results in much less clumping than with other mascaras.  What you get is beautifully defined and lengthened lashes all the way from root to tip.

The results are beautiful, flirty lashes that will show off your peepers like nothing else!  And no smudging or flaking to note! Photos to demonstrate my point:

In the bottom photo, I layered Lash Blast Length over the volumizing L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara to see if I could have the best of both worlds, as it were.  The results weren't terribly impressive, but I can see a little more fullness at the lash base with the volumizer + lengthener combo. I think that this is more obvious on the photo than in real life. 

With regard to downsides, I really can't think of many.  If I had to come up with one problem, I would say that because the wand picks up less product, sometimes it does require a few "re-loads" back in the tube. This isn't a big deal, but it is possible that it would result in the mascara drying out faster than usual due to air being pumped in with every extra refill.  This is theoretical and a minor issue, in my opinion.

At any rate, I would use Lash Blast Length alone without any hesitation, but a real lash fanatic could have lots of fun with layering as well.  The price is affordable, it is readily available at grocery and drugstores everywhere and it is effective.  It is definitely a must-have in my book!



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