Beauty Bummer: Cover Girl Smoky ShadowBlast

Sigh. I hate being disappointed by beauty products. It makes me angry for having spent the money and also a little sad that I now have to give up the dream of the perfect whatever this product promised. I opened the first page of the January 2010 Allure to find a two page ad Cover Girl Smoky ShadowBlast.  There was Drew Barrymore staring seductively out at me with the world's most perfect perfect smoky eyes. The copy served to further flame my desire: 
It's a smokey eye tool + makeup artist all in one brilliant shadow stick!  Available in six expertly coordinated duos with specially shaded ends, Smoky ShadowBlast lets you create the colorful smoky eye in just two easy steps. Talk about a smoke of genius!"

Sold. Shortly thereafter, I picked up a tube in Bronze Fire for around $10 at the drugstore. So convinced was I that this was going to be amazing, that I stupidly (so stupidly!) threw away the receipt. The idea of a creamy eyeshadow that can be applied from a stick is similar to the MAC Shadesticks that have been becoming really popular. Beautiful eye makeup without the hassle of brushes or sponges is a truly appealing idea.

Unfortunately, the problems with Smoky ShadowBlast are many. The first problem is with application. The rounded edge is used to cover the majority of the lid as a base color while the tapered tip supposedly provides more control for lining and definition of the crease. Unfortunately, the tapered tip is only slightly less rounded than the other side. In the pictures, they make them look really pointy and precise, but in actuality, it is about as pointy as a dull crayon. Once this realization is had, you realize that you can work around it and that the whole business will just be more smudgy than you anticipated.  However, then you discover the pathetic pigmentation (at least of Bronze Fire). I kept going over and over and over the eye trying in vain to build intensity.

So you finish the look and it ends up being... not half bad. Not as beautiful as Drew's, to be sure, but it is passable. But now, true disaster strikes because SmokyBlast  has absolutely no lasting power whatsoever. I applied it in the morning and it was gone before I even made it to work.  What was left had migrated upward into an unsightly crease. It is rare that makeup products crease that badly in this day and age, but the nasty crease-smudge that became of my smoky eye was really disappointing. I ended up wiping what was left of it off before my mid-morning coffee break.

Repeated attempts to make ShadowBlast work were unsuccessful. I tried it with Urban Decay Primer Potion and a few other primers.  They improved the staying-power only slightly and hardly worth mentioning. In sum, it was completely unsalvageable.  Between the poor pigmentation, the dramatic creasing and the true lack of staying power, ShadowBlast bombed completely.

It is such a bummer that ShadowBlast sucks so badly. I really wanted to love it, but it is such a disappointing mess that every time I look at the neglected tube, it makes me kind of mad. I sure wish that I had kept that receipt.

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Dee said...

I've seen this in several stores, and had been wanting to buy it. Drew looks so good in that picture. Thanks for saving me some money.

January 10, 2010 at 7:38 AM
Kyl said...

Hi Dee,
Thanks for the comment and you are most welcome. Like I said, I only tried the Bronze color so it's possible that the others are better. But, after reading the reviews on the Cover Girl website I think that my experience was unfortunately pretty typical. Better luck next time, I guess!
January 10, 2010 at 5:26 PM

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