Beauty News: Roundup

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I haven't forgotten about you, I've just been busy combing the web for the best beauty-related stories. It turns out that there were quite a few that you might have missed this week!

Apparently, everyone has hair on the brain. I can't even believe that I'm mentioning this, but maybe the completely incomprehensible excitement over a certain reality TV "star's" hair extensions has gotten everyone worked up into some kind of ridiculous hair frenzy.  Maybe she has some hairography planned for her show?  Who knows? More importantly, who cares???

But you might be interested to know that the men of Washington D.C. are looking for a little respect -- in a bottle. Salons in the D.C. area have noted an increase requests for grey highlighting in the past year or so. I would have expected this during the ER-era of George Clooney's career, but why now? Curious.

In case we might have forgotten that the overwhelming majority of hair coloring customers out there are women, a Salon writer has written a veritable ode to her hair dye. She may be cutting back in other areas, but the dye is definitely staying.  In terms of trendy cuts and hair lengths, Lucky writers are swooning over the "lob," or, long bob.

And just in case anyone wants to criticize beauty obsession as a modern invention, then they better check out this BBC article about some recently unearthed remains of what are presumed to be early cosmetics from the Neanderthal area -- that's 50,000 years ago for those of us who are prehistorically challenged. From the article:  "The scientists found lumps of a yellow pigment, that they say was possibly used as a foundation. They also found red powder mixed up with flecks of a reflective brilliant black mineral."  Primitive shimmer! Loves it!

Also, Chanel wants you to buy their temporary tattoos. I can't even begin to imagine how much those are going to cost.

British authorities have pulled a Clean & Clear ad where the "after" pictures clearly enhanced  the models' skin with makeup.  It was determined that the ad misrepresented what the product can do for customers. A new standard for truth in advertising, perhaps?  Other news from the U.K. reports that the heavy kohl eyeliner worn by Cleopatra-era women may have had some unexpected health benefits.  Modern food companies are getting on the beautifying bandwagon and promoting products (like coffee, yogurt or water) with anti-aging benefits. Dubious?  I think so.

Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes is the most recent to release his very own makeover book. The coffee table book features 20 dramatic makeovers of celebrities and non-celebrities alike. I find the picture of Jennifer Lopez on the cover to be somewhat disconcerting and alien-like, but I'll probably thumb through it the next time I'm in a bookstore.

Whew! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be sure to get some rest!



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