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Stumbling around Ulta recently, I wandered into the fake, clip-in hair aisle. This is not unusual because, as I've disclosed previously, I have somewhat of a sick fascination with clip-in hair. However, on this particular trip, I took the plunge and purchased some clip-in hair of my very own!  But, before you start to get worried about me, be reassured that it is only a small 1 inch wide strip of bright pink hair.  From POP (Put On Pieces) Hairuwear Color Strips, the 16 inch long strip claims to be 100% human hair. I can't verify this for certain, but it does feel like fine, normal human hair that happens to be bright freakin' pink. There wasn't a huge color selection available, but I was inspired a vague memory of Julia Roberts walking around with a pink lock of hair.

All I can tell you is that I've had about as much fun with this pink strip as one can have with $8. After trimming  it to be a similar length as my real hair, it was ready to go (it started out at 16 inches).  To use, I just tuck it under the top layer of hair next to my part, clip it in and then then push the top layer back over. This camouflages the clip and blends it in with the rest. There is no obvious bump or anything.  Additionally, because it is human hair, it can be styled with a blow dryer, curling or straightening iron. The directions do caution to use only low heats so as not to cause damage. I put a bit of curl in and it is a pretty good match to my actual hair texture and wave. Pretty cool!

The only complaint that I have is after wearing it all day, my scalp does get a little sore from the clip. That being said, the clip is quite secure and I have had no problems with the hair moving around or falling out. So far, I've only been sporting the one strip whereas the model in the picture is clearly wearing quite a few. I think that I'm pretty happy with the one and it is definitely going to be my new weekend staple. Anyway, if you are looking to add some excitement to your 'do without much long-term or cash investment, pick up a piece! It really is pretty fun.



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