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While I love the streamlined simplicity of Senna's Lip Sync lipstick/gloss duo, many people are loyal to one type of product and would prefer a stand-lone lipstick or lip gloss for their lip color needs. Not to worry because Senna has lipstick and gloss products that are every bit as beautiful and high quality as Lip Sync and I'm fortunate to be able to discuss several of them here on The Couch!

The individual lipstick and gloss products are discussed below, but the one thing that really impresses me with the entire Senna lip line is that the colors seem to be carefully selected to complement a wide variety of skin tones.  Senna very obviously works to showcase each individual's beauty, not overpower it with dramatic or shocking colors.  This is consistent with founder Eugenia Weston's vision to "make females look more really flatter all skin types, colors and makeup attitudes." If you are looking for a neutral, flattering and versatile selection of shades in a variety of formulations, then the Senna line is something to check out.

I have been wearing this lipstick almost non-stop since getting a sample of Whisper Rose a few weeks ago. Whisper Rose is a very pretty rosy-pink with a golden shimmer accent to warm it up a bit. The end result is a gorgeous sheer lipstick that provides the most perfect wash of color to complement a neutral work-ready makeup look or dramatic smokey eyes. The lipstick is sheer so it maintains a fresh and youthful appearance all the while conditioning and hydrating the lips with jojoba and avocado. It also features the signature Senna biscotti scent and contains protective SPF (love that!).

The Creamy Glow lipsticks have a higher level of pigmentation compared to the Sheers.The shade I tried, Mica, is a metallic bronze rose. Between the deeper pigmentation and the metallic finsh, this lipstick provided a more dramatic look that pushed the limits for daytime wear, but was perfect for evening. The smooth texture made for easy application and the color was deep but vibrant, in a word, beautiful. The only complaint I have is that the Creamy Glow doesn't contain SPF.
Here is another Senna duo product, but this is a duo with two gorgeous glosses.  I've been wearing Lip Lacquer in Luminous which contains a sparkly gold peach on one end and a rose mauve on the other. The gold is fun to wear on its own, but it also looks fantastic layered over a lipstick or stain, while the mauve is an easy swipe-and-go gloss that really pumps up the lips.  Unlike other glosses, this one is on the thick side in consistency and so it effectively clings to the lips. Most products with the word "lacquer" in their name end up being sticky, but the Double Dose has no annoying stickiness. As typical of gloss, the wear isn't phenomenal, but I think that it is superior than some thinner-consistency drugstore brands. Plus, it's a duo!

In addition to these three formulations, Senna offers many more lip products as well as products for the entire range of cosmetics and skin care. If these are any indication, I would expect any of them to be beautiful and well worth the expense. 

Senna Cosmetics are available at select salons and spas and via the Senna website.



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