Streamline Your Makeup with Senna Lip Sync

If you are like me, your day bag usually contains an assortment of lip products: lipstick, gloss, balm, etc. There are one or two stand-bys, but most of these rotate on a daily or weekly basis. As one could imagine, this takes up a fair amount of room, particularly because I like to carry both lipstick and gloss of various colors.

The makeup creators at Senna apparently have the same problem because they have designed a 2-in-1 lipstick/gloss combination product, Senna's Lip Sync ($24) that I can only assume was to address this very issue.

A true lip-loving dream team. Long-lasting, delicious biscotti flavored and moisturizing lipstick and a complementary lipgloss in one elegant package. You’ll be plumping your pout too with collagen stimulating Maxi-Lip. It’s not only that you have three different looks to play with, you’re going to save so much grief not having to dig for that lipgloss! Paraben-free."
I've been wearing Lip Sync in A La Mode, a beautiful coordinated set of peachy-pink lipstick and gloss.  The lipstick veers toward sheer, but is easily buildable; a few swipes produces beautiful color with a satin finish. The gloss has a subtle golden shimmer, adding some light-reflecting highlight to the lips.  Either product can be used alone or together to really pack a punch! The almond biscotti scent is unimposing and inoffensive, and I actually prefer it to lipsticks with a floral scent.  Lip Sync's performance is on par with lipsticks in a similar price range. The texture was creamy and it was easy to apply directly from the tube. The wear was about standard in my hands -- on the order of 1-2 hours, depending on how much talking I was doing (which is typically a lot). I don't know if it contains any moisturizing ingredients, but it was not particularly drying in any way, which is always nice.

Although only available in four color combinations, all are highly flattering on a variety of skin tones and everyone is sure to be able to find a becoming shade. Shades include:
  • A La Mode -- glowing soft rose peach with shimmering peach gloss.
  • Kiss Kiss -- lively peach rose lipstick paired with soft pink gloss.
  • Paris Pink -- true rose cream with soft pink gloss.
  • Stunning -- glowing earthy coral with golden sparkling gloss. 

To summarize, Senna Lip Sync is a 2-in-1 lipstick/lipgloss combination product that smells great, performs well, can be worn a variety of ways and minimizes the number of tubes I need to carry around in my day bag. It's a winner in my book.

Senna Cosmetics are available at select salons and spas and via the Senna website.



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