Product Lust: Tarina Tarantino @ Sephora

The new makeup collection from Tarina Tarantino occupied four whole pages in the Spring 2010 Sephora catalog. Clearly, the company is excited about this launch!  And while the beautifully packaged pink sequined designs have been available online for several weeks now, they are set to debut in stores any minute. I recently caught a few early glimpses  of the developing display and, from the few products I investigated, the line looks to be pretty darn fabulous! 

In my brief perusal, I immediately noticed the two products that easily embody Tarantino's sparkle overload aesthetic.  For starters, the Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer ($32) is infused with pearl powder that gives the skin a luminous glow while priming it for additional makeup. On the skin, the Pearl Glow absorbs quickly, leaving a silvery opalescent finish without any trace of greasiness. This could easily be mixed in with a moisturizer for a very pretty, youthful glow. And while Tarantino is known for her extravagantly bejeweled designs, this product will add just a hint of shimmer that even the most restrained and tasteful among us would love.

If a more pronounced glittery look is what you are in the market for, then the Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust ($39) is near-perfect. It comes in a very classy bottle with an old fashioned balloon pump spray that would look exquisite sitting on anyone's dresser. The product itself is a fine, microglitter that can be gently spritzed on to illuminate and accent the face, shoulders or even hair. Described by the sales associate as "glitter for grown ups," this product is the perfect way add some sexy sparkle without looking like you are on your way to a rave. It is more immediately noticeable than the Pearl Glow, but still remains very flattering and not distracting in the least. 

Those were my two initial finds, but stay tuned as the rest of the collection looks to be similarly gorgeous!



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