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Do you read Jezebel? I am fairly obsessed with the mix of semi-serious and pop-culture content with a healthy dose of feminism mixed in. The comment threads regularly leave me busting up with laughter, especially when ladies get on a tear about hunky, male celebrities.

At any rate, this week the kind Jezebels have been running a series on Beauty 101 after soliciting feedback from readers on what beauty basics they can't seem to master. Unsurprisingly, eyeliner was the #1 complaint. They accumulated literally hundreds of nuggets of advice in the service of simplifying these elusive skills.  For what it's worth, in my humble beauty-blogger opinion, the key to mastering eyeliner is the same as the key to mastering a jump shot (should you be so inclined): you just have to practice. And by practice, I don't mean trying to throw some on quickly before you run out the door for work. I promise you, that is a recipe for disaster. Some lonely Saturday night (like tonight!), sit yourself down with some eyeliner (a soft pencil is easiest to start with), a well-lit mirror and some gentle eye makeup remover. Then, go to town. It really won't take long and you will be able to graduate to more advanced techniques like gel or liquid.

Today, I was happy to see that the Jezebels are tackling the challenging issue of foundation, concealer and powder. I read about half the comments and what is striking is the variety of responses and tips that people have devised. Mostly, I think that this speaks to the fact that everyone's face is different in terms of tone, texture and place on the oily-dry and young-mature spectra. I could probably reiterate a lot of the content on that thread, so I won't and will limit myself to only 2-3 of my own contributions.  Here are my high-yield tips: 
#1. Always test foundation on your jaw. You will know it is a match because it will disappear into your skin. 
#2. Never buy foundation without looking at it in natural light. I don't care what the sales associate says about the liberal return policy, just don't bother shelling out your cash until you look at it outside. Every time I have skipped this step, I have majorly regretted it.
#3. There are good drugstore foundations available (my personal fave is L'Oreal True Match), but if you have had trouble finding the right shade then just skip it and hit the department store counters for some professional help.  MAC and Bobbi Brown have good shade selections across a range of skin tones (including darker shades for ladies of color). But, review #2 before you buy anything.

I can't wait to see what other topics are coming up on the Beauty101 thread!

Also, did you see this NYT article on environmentally-friendly cosmetics packaging? Over-packaging has been one of my major complaints about personal care products and I hope that cosmetics companies figure it out soon!



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