Product Review: Olay In Shower Lotion

The dark days of Winter may soon be a thing of the past, but for those of us who struggle with chronically dry skin, the battle to stay moisturized lasts all year long.  I haven't mentioned this product previously, but  Olay In-Shower Body Lotion ($7) has become one of my go-to products for fighting body dryness.

When I first discovered it (via a suggestion from Jolie Nadine), it was seriously the best product debut in my shower in a long, long time. Basically, Olay In-Shower Lotion is used after cleansing, but before getting out of the shower. You simply apply a good-sized dollop to each area needing moisture, rub it in, rinse it off, get out of the shower and on your way. It completely eliminates the standing-in-the-bathroom-shivering-in-a-towel-while-slapping-on-moisturizer-as-fast-as-possible step. You know what I'm talking about and that is miserable.

I have been using the version shown here on the left with "Age-Defying VitaNiacin" and I can't verify that there has been any age defying going on, but I haven't really been expecting that. What I will say is that my skin has been as hydrated as it is with traditional post-shower lotions and maybe even a little more. There is another variety available, Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter, but I haven't tried it.  I probably should, though, because my one complaint is that I don't particularly care for the ever so slightly chemical smell of the Age-Defying formulation. My suspicion is that the scent is coming from the VitaNiacin, which may or may not be doing anything. So, the shea butter might be more to my liking in that regard.

Either way, this product has all but eliminated the post-shower moisturizing frenzy which is A-OK in my book. Anything that helps me get out of the shower and safely into my warm jammies faster is a definite winner.



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