Zoya Summer 2010: Flash

After the glamour and glitz of Zoya Sparkle, you might think that the companion Summer 2010 collection, Flash, would be subdued and understated. And, you would be dead wrong! As an addition to the mind-blowing, stunningly glitter-ized Sparkle collection, Flash is every bit as bright and as vibrant and attention-grabbing ... only they are creams.  

Now, I love a good cream polish. I really do and a quick perusal of my polish collection easily confirms that.  As such, Flash is definitely talking my language. But, unlike the usual presentation of a classic, somewhat staid, collection of pink, red and burgundy creams, Zoya Flash is a knock-your-socks-off grouping of vibrant shades ready to hit the beach on tips and toes everywhere. Have I convinced you yet of their beauty? Well, let's get to it!

Robyn (perfect turquoise cream) easily makes the point that cream polishes can be anything but boring. I'm not sure that the color is represented exactly as blue as it is in real life -- it is actually a bit darker in shade, but every bit as vibrant. This color reminds me of a bright, clear sky on a cloudless Summer day. Rich and very pigmented, this Robyn was practically opaque in one coat!

Perrie (soft lavender cream) is an adorably Spring-y color even though it is in a "Summer" collection. Another blogger raised the question as to whether "Perrie" is even a real person's name, but I recently saw a re-run of Frasier and the actress that played Frasier's produce, Roz, is Peri Gilpin, which I think is close enough. At any rate, the name Perrie seems to fit because this color is a periwinkle-inspired lavender. I'm not sure it is the best fit with my skin tone, but it is a very unique and non-pink feminine shade.

Dana (american rose cream) is sure to become one of my favorite summertime shades. It is a brighter, more electric version of last year's favorite, OPI Miami Beet. It is a cream rose, which isn't the most revolutionary of shades, but the richness and the vibrancy of the color make it anything but boring.  Fun and playful, this one makes a fantastic mani or pedi. Loves it!

Jolene (summer pink cream) is probably my least favorite of the entire collection. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with it, it just isn't a fave color of mine.  My first reaction to this color was Wow, I'm wearing the Barbie dream house. Jolene is about the color that I think every single Barbie doll I ever had wore right out of the box. I had some problems with streakiness in the application of Jolene as well. So, all in all, not my favorite.

Maura (electric crimson cream) does, however, take the prize for my favorite. Similar to Zoya Nidhi, this one is a fun take on a traditional red. It has a bit of a tomato-y color and is anything but a standard red. This one is definitely electric. Bright, bright and brighter, it is a classic red that doesn't fade into the background. If you love that Dita-inspired classic red nails look but like to be a little more daring, then Maura is worth checking out. 

Jancyn (soft tangerine cream) brings up the rear of the collection and this one is also not for the shy. It is pretty unusual but I'm sure it will have its fans. Described as a tangerine, I think the color is closer to a marigold with a richer, more yellow tint. It is orange but doesn't give me a Halloween-pumpkin vibe at all. It is definitely Summer sun and bright Spring flowers. This would look amazing on some warmer skin tones.

So that's it for Zoya Summer 2010! As a caveat, for some reason Flash was difficult to photograph with exact fidelity to the colors, so I do have to make a disclaimer that the shades might be ever-so-slightly different in real life. I think that the basic idea and hopefully the vibrancy of these colors come through. All of them were opaque in two coats with the possible exception of Jolene. Zoya Flash is available now on zoya.com.They will definitely jump-start your Summer readiness.


Zoya Summer 2010: Sparkle

Those creative folks at Zoya have released two sure-to-be loved collections for Summer 2010: Flash & Sparkle. I posted a quick preview last week because I was so excited that I couldn't wait to share. Today I'm happy to present the entire Sparkle collection.  

My overall thoughts about this are really, really positive. I try not to use the word "bling" because it is  a fairly stupid, over-used word. However, when I first sloppily slapped on these polishes, that was the first word that came to mind. These colors are full-on glitter and they are gorgeous! They make your finger tips look like little jewels (which, incidentally, reminded me of this ridiculous clip from this terrible movie). Anyway, the end result was me wandering around the house looking lovingly at my fingers declaring "Jewels! I've got jewels!" It was a weird scene.
At any rate, without further ado, let's get started with Zoya Sparkle!

Ivanka (mermaid green sparkling metallic) is a beautiful emerald green with golden glitter. The combined effect evokes a scaly mermaid tale. This one is an attention getter so don't wear it if you aren't ready for some comments!
Charla (tropical blue sparkling metallic) continues the aquatic theme, evoking the  sun glinting off the impossibly clear turquoise blue that you find in the Caribbean. Similar to Ivanka this one also has golden glitter and can look slightly greenish in different lights. Again, this is another attention-demanding color. 

Mimi (royal purple sparkling metallic) was destined to be a top favorite. Initially I thought that it would be similar to OPI Visions of Sugarplum, but it is not. This one is a brighter shade of purple with even more pronounced glitter. It is stunning!

Alegra (fuchsia pink sparkling metallic) is a beautiful cranberry color. Gorgeous!

Gilda (fashion pink sparkling metallic) is Alegra's younger, partying sister. A bright, raspberry  shade, Gilda is a pink that is neither subtle nor shy.

Nidhi (rich red sparkling metallic) is the last color of this collection and it is definitely my favorite. I love red nail polish as much as the next person, but this is a unique spin on red. Nidhi is a bold shade of orange-tomato red that would look beautiful on both warm or skin tones. I absolutely adored this one!

These polishes are fantastically beautiful. I had no problems with application or removal. Since I swatched them all in one sitting, there is a bit of glitter on my cuticles in some of the pictures. But, I think that is a result of the swatching procedure rather than a problem with the polish themselves. If you have had wear problems with Zoya polishes, you might want to check out the All Lacquered Up post with an Ivanka wear test and some really useful information about a potentially problematic ingredient in base/top coats.

Zoya Sparkle is available now on zoya.com. The polishes are $7 each or $36 for the whole set. If you are a glitter girl, these were made for you.


Preview: Zoya Sparkle & Flash!

More to come...


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