My New Obsession: Givenchy Mister Light

A few months ago, there were some things in my life that I desperately needed to conceal: particularly bad dark circles, blemishes and tired-looking eyelids. Things were getting pretty out of control and I was almost literally buying every new concealer on the market. I amassed a collection of well over ten new-to-me concealers that I systematically plowed my way through in search of one that met my exacting standards. 
Many of them were quite good (and if I ever get my act together, I'll write them up) but one stood out from the crowd: Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrector Pen ($32).  Having read about it on the Lucky website months prior, I put it off due to the expense. As a general rule (if you can call it that), there is a lot of variability in price:quality ratio between drugstore and premium brands. Some brands you pay a lot for of the packaging and a slightly better (or the same) quality product whereas other brands you pay a lot and actually get the beautiful packaging plus a superior product. Givenchy Mister Light Corrector Pen is one of the latter.

The click-pen apparatus has a very satisfying CLICK that it makes when the end is turned. This is silly, but I actually really love that experience. The product dispenses slowly -- thankfully avoiding wasting precious globs. On the face, it is just short of miraculous. It conceals, brightens, highlights and just fixes stuff in a nonspecific sort of way.  In that post-lunch slump when I look in the mirror and start wondering when I became so haggard, I'll pull out Mister Light and instantly brighten my under eye area. This does wonders both for my complexion and self esteem -- so it's a win-win either way. The texture is creamy and rich, but it is neither too thick nor too thin for true concealment; it contains an extra boost of SPF 10 and some vitamin-complex as well.  Importantly, the way in which is brightens doesn't call attention to the area that is being concealed, it just contributes to an overall improved look. I always look more awake after putting it on. So inspired, I'll touch up around my nose to conceal that irritating redness and maybe a blemish if needed. If I really get excited, I'll rub a little on my brow bone or the inside corner of the eye to further open, lift and brighten. Works every time.

Because it is pricey, I don't use it every day and instead save it for mid-day touch ups. Because the click-pen is a chic, glossy black, it fits easily in my day bag and hides, unassuming, amongst my pen collection. It is kind of like my little secret weapon. I'm still searching for an equally impressive product at a cheaper price point, but so far, Mister Light is in a class of his own.
Givenchy Mister Light Corrector Pen is available exclusively at Sephora and offers six different shades. 


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